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Vilnius University Faculty of Medicine

Established in 1579, Vilnius University (VU) is the third oldest public university in Northern Europe.
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Life in Vilnius, Lithuania:

Vilnius, the capital city of Lithuania, boasts a population of nearly 600,000 residents and offers a vibrant cultural scene. Artistic expressions such as paintings, sculptures, crafts, and literature adorn the city, enriching its cultural landscape.

The city experiences distinct seasonal weather changes. Winters bring temperatures as low as -2.9 ºC, while summers see highs reaching 30 ºC. Rainfall is common throughout the year, with snowfall occurring during the coldest months.

Vilnius University Faculty of Medicine, Lithuania:

Established in 1579, Vilnius University (VU) is the third oldest public university in Northern Europe, originating as the Jesuit Academy of Vilnius (College). Alongside its Faculty of Medicine, VU encompasses various faculties including Economics and Business Administration, Communication History, Law, Mathematics and Informatics, Philology, Philosophy, and Physics.

With a student body of approximately 25,000 individuals, Vilnius University offers a diverse range of study programs to undergraduate, integrated, graduate, postgraduate, residency, and international students. The Faculty of Medicine conducts its programs in English, with a duration of 6 years.

Moreover, the university organizes numerous extracurricular activities aimed at enhancing students’ mental and physical well-being, as well as fostering their sports skills. Participation in these activities often earns additional credit scores for students.

The Vilnius University Faculty of Medicine ranks 1st in the country and 772nd globally. Presently, the university hosts over 900 international students from 74 nations.

Teaching Faculty:

Vilnius University’s academic staff comprises over 3,000 professors, assistant professors, lecturers, PhD professionals, and associate professors.

Studying at Vilnius University Faculty of Medicine:

Considerations for studying at Vilnius University Faculty of Medicine include:
1. Vilnius University’s esteemed 443-year academic history underscores its reputation for quality education.
2. The Faculty of Medicine admitted its inaugural batch in 1781.
3. The cost of pursuing an MBBS in Lithuania is relatively lower compared to other European countries, making it an attractive option for Indian students.
4. The university’s high employability prospects in Europe and beyond contribute to its popularity among international students.
5. Vilnius University consistently ranks within the top 500 universities globally according to QS rankings.
6. The total annual MBBS fees amount to approximately 10.5 lakhs in rupees.

Affiliations and Medical Programs at Vilnius University:

Vilnius University offers various medical programs, including bachelor’s programs in Medicine, Dentistry, and PhD programs in Natural Sciences, Medicine, and Dentistry. The university also provides master’s degree programs, summer courses, and residency programs for both national and international students. Internationally, Vilnius University is affiliated with prestigious associations such as the European University Association, International Association of Universities, and European Association for International Education. Additionally, it maintains bilateral agreements with universities in numerous countries worldwide, facilitating academic collaborations and exchanges.

Eligibility Requirements for Admission at Vilnius University:

Prospective students seeking admission to the Vilnius University Faculty of Medicine must meet specific eligibility criteria. These include providing valid high school transcripts and successfully passing an entrance examination. International applicants are only eligible for the English-language program if they demonstrate proficiency in the English language. Additionally, the university places significant emphasis on academic performance, requiring a minimum score of 50% in biology, physics, and chemistry.

Indian Students at Vilnius University Faculty of Medicine:

The number of Indian students enrolled at Vilnius University Faculty of Medicine is relatively low, primarily due to the limited popularity of pursuing Medical PG in Lithuania among Indian students. However, in recent years, Medical PG in Europe, including Lithuania, has gained traction among Indian students, particularly considering the potential for employment opportunities in Europe and neighboring countries post-graduation.

Postgraduate Options after MBBS at Vilnius University:

Upon completing the MD program in Lithuania, students have various options for pursuing their medical postgraduate studies. These options include returning to India and clearing the NEXT exam, pursuing postgraduate studies in the USA after passing the USMLE, or opting for Medical PG in the UK after clearing the PLAB exam. Alternatively, students may choose to pursue Medical PG in Germany.

Medical PG in India or NExT:

During their MBBS studies, students often recognize the importance of specialization and the competitive nature of securing MD/MS seats in government medical colleges. With a success ratio of only 11% for securing a PG seat in government medical colleges, the journey to obtaining a PG seat is challenging. Many students may consider pursuing PG seats in private medical colleges, which can be costly, sometimes reaching millions in rupees.

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