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Lithuanian University of Health Sciences

Life in Kaunas, Lithuania, a city known for its student population, dates back to 1473 when it welcomed its first educational institution.
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Established in 1919, the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (LUHS) takes pride in being the largest institution for biomedical sciences education in Lithuania. Initially known as the Medical Academy of the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, it later evolved into the “Faculty of Medicine” of the University of Lithuania.

In 2010, the Lithuanian Veterinary Academy and Kaunas University of Medicine merged to form LUHS. This public university currently hosts over 6,000 national and international students, with international students constituting 20% of the total student body.

The university attracts students from 76 countries, including Germany, Israel, the United Kingdom, South Korea, and Sweden. LUHS boasts a teaching staff of over 1,000 lecturers, PhD professionals, professors, assistants, and associate professors.

Life in Kaunas, Lithuania, a city known for its student population, dates back to 1473 when it welcomed its first educational institution. The city is adorned with numerous private and public schools and libraries, alongside architectural and historical landmarks. Kaunas experiences warm summers and cold, snowy winters, with temperatures ranging from 0 ºC to -8 ºC during winter.

Medicine Program at LUHS spans six years, equipping medical aspirants with essential skills and knowledge necessary for providing healthcare services. LUHS comprises five faculties: medicine, pharmacy, nursing, public health, and odontology, conducting teaching activities at Red Cross Hospital and Kaunas Clinics. The university ranks 7th in the country and 3469th globally.

Studying at LUHS involves careful research due to its century-long expertise in healthcare education, welcoming its first batch in 1922. The MBBS duration is six years, and the total cost of fees amounts to approximately 10.5 lakh rupees per academic year.

LUHS offers integrated Health Sciences, Veterinary Medicine, Odontology, and Pharmacy study programs, along with bachelor’s and master’s programs in various fields. The university has global affiliations with organizations like the European Association for International Education and agreements with universities worldwide, facilitating international cooperation and exchange.

Application Deadline for Lithuanian University of Health Sciences
To ensure your application process for admission to foreign universities proceeds smoothly, it’s crucial to submit all required documents before the specified deadline. The intake for Lithuanian University will commence in Fall 2022. Therefore, prospective applicants should aim to complete their Lithuanian University of Health Sciences admission process for the 2022-2023 academic year before July 1, 2023.

Admission Requirements for Lithuanian University of Health Sciences
Prospective students seeking admission to Lithuanian University of Health Sciences must possess a valid high school or college certificate. Additionally, they should have strong scores in biology, physics, and chemistry, as these grades are given paramount importance by the university. Furthermore, the university administers an Entrance Exam for admission. International students are eligible for admission to the English program if they demonstrate proficiency in English.

Indian Students at Lithuanian University of Health Sciences
While the number of Indian students pursuing Medical PG in Lithuania remains limited, there has been a gradual increase in recent years. Previously, Medical PG programs in Europe were less popular among Indian students; however, they have gained popularity as desirable destinations for medical education. Many international students are drawn to medical programs in Lithuania due to relaxed entrance criteria and relatively lower competition. Consequently, the prospect of studying medicine in Lithuania appeals to Indian students because of its cost-effectiveness.

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