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Tips and Tricks to Overcome Learning Disability

Let's make things easier for your family and you by providing 11 things you can do if your child has trouble learning.

When our children are diagnosed with learning disability (LD), our thoughts and concerns turn to them constantly. It’s hard not to feel bad about yourself because you might be why they are having so many troubles or doing something wrong.  Most of us who have kids with LD do not know how to help them, but it does not mean that we cannot help them. Many of them want to know more about Language Classes for Kids in Dubai so that such institutes can help the kids overcome learning disability issues. Let’s make things easier for your family and you by providing 11 things you can do if your child has trouble learning.


What Are Learning Disabilities?

Learning disability in people often confuse them in seeing things, hearing, and sometimes understanding information. They often find it difficult to interact with the people around them and at school which makes things hard for them.


What are some common problems with learning?


Some of the most well-known types of learning disabilities in kids are:


  • Having trouble reading
  • Disorder of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity
  • Autism spectrum illnesses

Helping children with learning disabilities: Top 11 methods:

Make sure your child does certain things a lot of times.  It’s essential to help them remember what they are learning at school at home and to give them lots of chances to do it again and again since this kind of help has been shown to improve performance on specific skills like reading comprehension or math calculations.

Set aside a quiet area for your child to learn so they won’t be interrupted.  It could be a part of their bedroom or playroom without a TV.

Set up regular routines before you start working.  Kids do better on their homework, jobs, and music practice when they follow a routine.  It helps them stay focused and organized, which means they get better grades and have more success than if they tried new things all day long.

Try keeping your kid busy and motivated by allowing them to play outside with friends or video games on a computer for relaxation.

Before permitting your kids to go out and play see that you can assist them in understanding their schoolwork by going through the assignment with them.

Set a good example at home by promoting and celebrating academic achievement.  If you can’t find time to read aloud as a family, put all your books in one place.  Instead of watching TV, designate a spot where you may practice writing daily, such as on the kitchen table or the couch.  Recognize and reward perseverance and effort rather than success.

So that they don’t crash when they get home from school, be accommodating to the child’s schedule; for example, if they’re more alert first thing in the morning, let them have their favorite meal before school.  Set aside time for them to get dressed and go outside if they need some quiet time to themselves first thing in the morning before they tackle their homework or household tasks.

Get the rest of the family involved!  Ask your child how they can help with class transitions at school and reassure them that you will be there for them no matter what.  Can you recommend some fun things for siblings to do together?

Discover strategies to empower students to stand up for themselves and access internet resources related to learning difficulties.  A search engine like Google could be helpful in this regard.

If it seems like the right thing to do, consider switching your child’s classroom.  Before making the move, discuss how you can help the school personnel and any necessary accommodations with them.



Please seek clarification and communicate any issues that may arise.  Most importantly, your child knows their relatives will be there for them no matter what, so they don’t feel alone or confused.  Language training in Dubai has become essential in the UAE as parents want to do their best for their children.  They are more open to teaching them in the best environment to bring them out of the fear of learning disability.


We cannot see our child suffer, but we can always help them with their new lifestyle adjustments. One thing that we all can do is to be there for them in every step of life. Things will get better!  As you embark on this adventure together, may fortune smile upon you.

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