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Pirogov Russian N Research Medical University, Moscow

The Russia National Research Medical University has been awarded an AA++ grade by the World Health Organization (WHO).
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Studying MBBS at Russia National Research Medical University presents an excellent option for students seeking education from MCI-approved medical colleges or universities in Russia. Among these institutions, the highest-rated university accredited by the World Health Organization (WHO) is Russia NRM University, formerly known as Russia State Medical University (RSMU). While it offers outstanding opportunities, it is also among the more expensive options for studying MBBS in Russia.

Located in Moscow, the capital city, the university provides a remarkable learning experience amidst the grandeur of one of Russia’s largest cities, boasting a population of 12 million. Affiliated with prominent government hospitals, students benefit from exceptional internship opportunities.

Russia National Research Medical University has earned an AA++ grade from the WHO, signifying the highest possible rating. This recognition is attributed to its exceptional campus infrastructure, extensive library resources, high-quality teaching, substantial patient flow, and the vast expertise of over 1900 medical professors who have been teaching more than 100 different subjects on the campus for the past century. The university specializes in Therapeutics, Pediatrics, and Microbiology for postgraduate studies as well.

The fee structure for MBBS at Russia National Research Medical University is as follows:

| Cost | Year 1 | Year 2 | Year 3 | Year 4 | Year 5 | Year 6 |
| Tuition Fee (RUB) | 5,00,000 | 5,00,000 | 5,00,000 | 5,00,000 | 5,00,000 | 5,00,000 |

Totaling to Ruble 29.30 Lacs for the entire 6-year program. Please note that these costs are calculated at 1 Rouble = 1.36 INR and may vary within a range of +/- 10%.

To secure admission, it’s essential to time your application correctly. The ideal deadline is before 30th June each year in Russia, and the latest by September 2022 (without a guarantee for MBBS admission). Obtaining the invitation letter, which takes approximately 4-8 weeks to be issued by the Ministry of Education, Russia, is crucial, as visas are granted based on this document. Applying late may result in joining the program in late October, while applying within the specified timeframe allows you to commence studies in September along with your peers.


Many students consider pursuing their Medical PG in the UK due to Georgia’s close proximity. Until 2024, the Professional & Linguistic Assessments Board Test (PLAB test) serves as the benchmark for assessing the skills and knowledge of International Medical Graduates, determining their suitability for medical practice in the UK.

In essence, an IMG’s performance in the PLAB test determines their eligibility to practice in the UK. The PLAB test consists of two stages. PLAB 1 is an examination comprising 180 MCQs designed to evaluate recall abilities. Conversely, PLAB 2 is a practical OSCE (Objective Structured Clinical Exam) assessing clinical skills.

The General Medical Council (GMC) evaluates linguistic proficiency through specific tests, such as the IELTS (Band Score 7.0 or higher) or OET (Grade B in reading, writing, listening & speaking).

Upon successfully passing PLAB 1 & 2, candidates apply for GP registration. However, there’s a restriction: applicants must apply for registration within two years after clearing PLAB 2.

By 2024, the UK Medical Licensing Assessment (UKMLA) will supersede the PLAB, prompting certain modifications by the GMC to transition to the UKMLA exam.


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