The Invisalign Process: What to Expect

Learn what to expect during the Invisalign process in Grande Prairie. Discover the steps, benefits, and results of this popular dental treatment.

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Invisalign has become a popular choice for adults and teens looking to straighten their smiles without metal braces in Grande Prairie. But how exactly does the Invisalign process work? Here’s an overview of what to expect from your initial consultation to the final results.

Initial Invisalign Consultation

The first step is an initial consultation with your Grande Prairie Invisalign provider. They will examine your teeth and smile concerns, such as crookedness, gaps or overcrowding. The dentist will take digital scans, photos and impressions of your teeth to plan your custom treatment. You’ll also discuss your treatment goals, options and estimated length to straighten your smile.

Custom Invisalign Aligner Ordering

Next, your dentist sends your records to Invisalign to design a customized treatment plan and 3D image of your smile transformation. Invisalign then manufactures your aligners, which are sets of BPA-free plastic trays that gently shift your teeth into proper position. Each set moves your teeth incrementally until the desired results.

Aligner Fitting Appointment

At your next Invisalign appointment, your dentist ensures proper fit of your first set of aligners. They’ll demonstrate how to insert and remove them properly. You’ll get instructions on wear time – Invisalign must be worn 20-22 hours daily for results. Schedule follow-up visits every 4-6 weeks for new aligners and monitoring.

Treatment with Invisalign Aligners

Now the real work begins! Wear your Invisalign trays as directed. Each set should be worn for 2 weeks before switching to the next. You will notice gradual tooth movements and progress at each visit. Clean aligners and your teeth before reinserting them after meals. Avoid smoking or drinking coffee, tea or wine while wearing aligners.

Follow-up Invisalign Appointments

You’ll see your Grande Prairie dentist for follow-ups at least every 6 weeks during treatment. They will check fit and progress, and provide your next aligner sets. Refinements are common near the end of treatment to perfect results. Average Invisalign treatment is 6-18 months for mild to moderate alignment issues.

Final Steps for a Straight Smile

Once your teeth have reached the final desired position, you’ll be ready to complete treatment. Your dentist will order retention aligners or devices to maintain your straightened smile. Some finishing touches like teeth contouring or whitening can put the final polish on your new smile. Enjoy the confidence of your straighter teeth!

Invisalign Benefits

Invisalign offers many advantages over traditional braces in Grande Prairie:

  • Clear aligners are barely noticeable compared to metal braces
  • No food restrictions – you can remove aligners for meals
  • Less irritation of gums and cheeks
  • Aligners are more comfortable than braces
  • Effective for a wide range of orthodontic problems
  • Shorter treatment time for most people

Of course, Invisalign also requires diligent wear and care of the aligners. But the rewards of completing treatment are well worth it.

Achieve Your Ideal Smile with Invisalign

Invisalign near you has helped over 6 million people worldwide get the smile they’ve always wanted. See how this innovative treatment can transform your smile by booking a consultation with Northern Dental Centre. Our experienced Invisalign providers will create a customized plan to discreetly and comfortably straighten your teeth. Contact us today to get started!

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