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Study MBBS in Germany

Enrolling in MBBS programs in Germany is gaining popularity among Indian students.
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Pursue MBBS in Germany as an Option for Indian Students.

The idea of pursuing MBBS in Germany is gaining popularity among Indian students, primarily due to the misconception of it being a cost-free option. However, the actual number of students successfully pursuing this path remains relatively low. While the appeal of free MBBS in Germany exists, it is essential to clarify that this option is not entirely without costs. Medical education in Germany requires a high proficiency in the German language for both academic studies and patient interaction.

German medical education offers diverse programs to international students, including free MBBS study in Germany and medical schools that offer programs in English. The extensive list of medical colleges in Germany includes institutions providing postgraduate medical education alongside MBBS. Contrary to the myth of free MBBS education in India, Germany offers an experienced reality of free medical education.

Medical studies in Germany are characterized by practicality, high quality, and unique design. Both medical colleges and medical schools in Germany for international students enjoy a strong reputation globally. Germany emerges as the top choice for MBBS in Europe among Indian students. The dream of free medicine study in Germany at medical universities is now a tangible reality.

Reasons to Pursue MBBS/MD in Germany (Europe)

Opting for MBBS in Europe, particularly in Germany, provides a superior education for medical students. This makes Germany the primary choice when deciding to pursue MBBS in Europe or even MD. The quality of medical education in German medical universities is exceptionally high, aligning with global education standards. The state-of-the-art infrastructure in these universities can be equated with the best institutes worldwide. The experienced and dedicated faculty ensures that students acquire precise clinical skills and comprehensive medical knowledge. Several of the medical universities have a history dating back 200 years. It is crucial for students to note that studying MBBS in Russia does not directly grant them the ability to work as doctors in Germany. Additionally, many Indian students pursue MBBS in Germany through scholarships.

Budget Inclusions:

  1. Tuition fees for the entire language learning and MBBS courses.
  2. Hostel accommodation for the entire course.
  3. Food and living costs throughout the course.
  4. Miscellaneous Costs including health insurance, textbooks, resident permit extensions, exam fees, etc.

The aforementioned costs do not cover payments to be made to MOKSH for counseling, guidance, admission, travel packages, and language learning in India (A1 and A2 levels).

For the majority of international students, tuition and fees are remarkably low in Germany. Studying MBBS in Germany can be done for free as no tuition fees are charged for doctoral study at public universities in the country. The cost of living varies significantly across the nation, estimated at around 6,000 euros per year.

Postgraduate Studies in Germany:

Upon completing the MD in Germany (equivalent to MBBS in India), MOKSH can assist you in securing placement for your postgraduate medicine program in Germany. For comprehensive guidance on your pathway to an MD or MS degree, you may contact 9699-360-370 when applying to the university.

It is astounding for Indian students seeking a low-cost MBBS program abroad that they can potentially earn over Rs. 60 lakhs during the Medical PG program! A standard stipend of €2,300 is disbursed monthly to every doctor, amounting to Rs. 20 lakhs per year. After completing MBBS in Germany, one can pursue the Medical PG in Germany program, which is a minimum 3-year program. Following the completion of PG in Germany, the average monthly income for a doctor in Germany is €6,500—approximately Rs. 65 lakhs per year! Opting for a medical PG in Germany after completing an MBBS at a German university presents an ideal roadmap to follow.

Comprehensive Information on Studying MBBS in Germany for Free:

Admission to medical colleges in Germany is competitive and subject to certain restrictions. Notably, medical education in Germany is offered free of charge, with semester fees paid to student administration covering various aspects, from student IDs to access to the city’s public transport, typically amounting to no more than 250 euros. The primary language of instruction is German, although there are now several English-medium medical schools in Germany. Specialized medicine programs in Germany are offered by various medical universities that conduct instruction in English.

Germany boasts over 35 public medical colleges with approximately 80,000 medical students. Becoming a doctor entails significant responsibility, leading to specific barriers for student applications.

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