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Situated at the southwestern tip of Europe, Portugal stands out as one of the most enchanting countries on the continent.
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Introduction to Portugal:

Nestled at the southwestern edge of Europe, Portugal is renowned for its breathtaking beauty. Bordered by Spain to the north and east, the Portuguese republic boasts an alluring coastline along the Atlantic Ocean. Portugal is celebrated as a land rich in history, knowledge, culture, and innovation. Embarking on a study journey in Portugal promises a distinctive and transformative experience.

Why Choose Portugal for Your Studies?

Studying in Portugal opens up a diverse range of programs offered by some of the finest universities in Europe. The Portuguese language, with its global reach, presents numerous opportunities for students. Additionally, there is a growing number of English-language universities in Portugal, making it an appealing choice for international students. The rich cultural fabric of Portugal, marked by strong family bonds and cultural preservation, provides a solid ethical foundation, particularly advantageous for Indian students whose culture shares similar values. Portugal is also an ideal destination for students with a passion for sports, as the Portuguese exhibit a deep love and respect for athletic pursuits. Notably, the cost of studying in Portugal is comparable to that in India, offering high-quality education.

Universities in Portugal:

A majority of Portugal’s government universities participate in this program, providing students with a conditional admission letter or acceptance based on their academic credentials for studying in Portugal. Typically, universities in Portugal accept the 10+2+3 format for pursuing master’s programs. The educational landscape includes numerous public universities and some of the top private universities in Portugal, offering a diverse array of options for students to select the institution that aligns best with their requirements.


Study Expenses in Portugal

The cost structure for Master’s programs in Portugal is notably reasonable, typically spanning 2 to 3 years after the completion of a Bachelor’s degree, during which basic language proficiency is acquired.

Additional costs encompass medical insurance, resident permit extensions, textbooks, and other miscellaneous expenses.

The overall expenditure for studying at a top-ranked government university in Portugal for a Bachelor’s program is below 5 lakhs. This proves to be a prudent decision, considering that a degree program from an A+/A grade private college in India would incur similar costs when factoring in tuition fees, hostel accommodation, and living expenses.


Admission Requirements

Typically, students lean towards pursuing studies in Portugal in the STEM disciplines (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Management), among other fields. Indian students with slightly lower academic scores, such as 60% in PCB, often opt for high-quality and cost-effective study programs in Portugal. MOKSH provides comprehensive guidance to students, assisting them in the application process for universities in Portugal and their chosen study programs.


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