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Shopify Vs E-Magneto: The Best E-commerce Platform

If you are thinking about selling your products online, then you have decide go alone or choose a hosting platform? Which is the best e-commerce platform?
Shopify Vs E-Magneto: The Best E-commerce Platform with Upgraded Features In 2023

If you are thinking about selling your products online, then there are two questions that you have to answer straight away. Do you want to go alone and choose a hosting platform? And which is the best e-commerce platform in 2023?

Most platforms charge a monthly fee for processing customer payments and are very costly to build an online e-commerce platform. Most people can’t afford to build websites from Shopify and other expensive e-commerce platforms. Also, you have to pay extra charges for adding other features to your website.

And there are other things to worry about – like reliability and tech support. So, exploring and researching before choosing an e-commerce platform for your startup is very important.

“To make things easier for entrepreneurs, we have compared the hidden costs, features, and technical details of the most popular e-commerce platforms for you to decide on your business.”

“A Best E-commerce Platform That Values Trust of Striving Entrepreneurs”

Shopify: Is this the best E-commerce platform for you?

You must have heard the name Shopify regarding e-commerce as the best and most commonly used platform for e-commerce services.

But you will agree with me when I say everything that everything has some advantages has some disadvantages as well.

Shopify is the most popular and most commonly used e-commerce platform. But being a smart entrepreneur, you must see the pros and cons of the services you will choose for your business.


Hosting your online business can be a little burdening and costly, more than you have bargained for –

  • Shopify has three paid plans, each costing $29, $79, and $299 monthly. The platform only offers a 14-day free trial.
  • When the free trial is over, you can select any paid plan. What is the challenge? Here is the thing. As a beginner, the basic plan contains limited features that barely meet your business needs.


  • Although Shopify tries to eliminate third-party payment methods through the point of sale (POS) framework, this option is unavailable in many countries.
  • It means you will need to pay for a higher plan ($79 per month) to access the features you want for your business; this is quite a lot of work.

Limited Customization

  • Shopify is customizable, but the customization comes with some limitations. Other e-commerce platforms use PHP to customize their theme, but Shopify uses its liquid setup.
  • Not many developers are familiar with this software, which is why many users struggle to customize their themes.

E-Magneto: a Better Choice Than Shopify for Your Best E-commerce Platform

E-Magneto is here to help you with all your business needs. It provides the best and the most affordable price for your website development, as defined in our package. With E-magneto, you can create an online store quickly with a simple and easy-to-use website builder.

If you want complete end-to-end control of your best e-commerce platform, E-Magneto is your tool, whether design or integrations. “With full access to its code, E-Magneto is an excellent choice for store owners who value and welcome customization over all else.



Pricing for building a custom website on E-Magneto is very affordable and worth investing in –

  • E-Magneto comes with only one basic paid plan that entrepreneurs can easily afford.
  • The starting price for any template or custom website design is Rs.4999.
  • And if you want a custom website design, there are many additional features you can include in your website that will cost you extra money to add functionality to your website.


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