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Orel State Medical University in Russia

Orel State University Russia offers 297 courses or programs that engage 940 highly qualified faculty members.
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Orel State Medical University, located in Orel, a city in western Russia, stands as a prestigious institution in the field of medicine. The university, formerly known as Orel State University (OSU), has roots dating back to the First World War and attained full university status in 1931, boasting a history of over 90 years. The Medicine Department at Orel State Medical University was established nearly three decades ago, offering students a robust educational experience.

The university provides state-of-the-art laboratory facilities for practical coursework and research endeavors. Its infrastructure is renowned for its excellence, featuring specially equipped rooms furnished with modern technical resources. Notably, the histology, clinical immunology, and biochemistry laboratories uphold exceptional standards, facilitating high-quality education and research opportunities.

At Orel State Medical University in Russia, there are 297 courses or programs available, overseen by a faculty comprising 940 highly qualified members. Annually, the university produces approximately 4000 graduates in the medical field.

The faculties within the medical domain encompass:

  1. General Medicine: This faculty is the largest, boasting an enrollment of over 3,500 students. It provides comprehensive training in various medical disciplines.
  2. Pediatrics: Focused on child healthcare, the pediatrics faculty offers students a detailed understanding of pediatric medicine.
  3. Dentistry: Offering training in dental surgery, orthodontics, and dental prosthetics, this faculty equips students with essential skills in the field of dentistry.
  4. Pharmacy: The pharmacy faculty delivers education on drug discovery, development, and usage, covering a wide range of pharmaceutical topics.
  5. Preventive Medicine: This faculty emphasizes the significance of health promotion and disease prevention, preparing students to address public health challenges.
  6. Medical Biochemistry: Providing insight into biochemical processes within the human body, this faculty offers a comprehensive understanding of medical biochemistry.

Studying MBBS at Orel State Medical University in Russia offers numerous advantages:

  1. Popularity Among Indian Students: Orel State University is highly favored among Indian students seeking education in Russia.
  2. EnglishTaught Program: The university provides a comprehensive English-taught program throughout the six-year MBBS course, fulfilling the NMC’s requirement for degree acceptance in India’s licensing exam.
  3. Rich Teaching Experience: With over 90 years of teaching experience, Orel State Medical University has a long-standing tradition of academic excellence.
  4. Affordability: Orel State Medical University is recognized for its affordability, making it an accessible option for MBBS education in Russia.
  5. Vibrant Indian Community: With a large community of over 500 Indian students, Orel State University hosts celebrations of various Indian festivals, fostering a sense of belonging and cultural exchange.
  6. Extensive Clinical Exposure: The university offers more than 90 credits of clinical exposure/internship, exceeding European norms (ECTS) and surpassing the NMC’s requirements.
  7. Global Diversity: With students from over 55 countries, Orel State Medical University provides a diverse and multicultural learning environment, offering global exposure to its students.
  8. International Cultural Center: The university’s International Cultural Center facilitates cross-cultural learning and interaction among students from different ethnic backgrounds.
  9. Specialty Hospitals: Orel State Medical University is affiliated with over 12 specialty hospitals, ensuring students receive the best clinical exposure and practical training.
  10. Global Licensing Preparation: Preparation for global licensing exams such as USMLE and PLAB is popular among students at Orel State University, enhancing their career prospects internationally.

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