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MOKSH Group was established in 2012 in India with the exclusive objective of addressing the shortage of healthcare professionals on a global scale.

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Established in 2012 in India, MOKSH Group’s primary mission was to bridge the gap in healthcare professionals globally. By 2018, it emerged as a market leader in healthcare student mobility within the B2C segment, facilitating the annual placement of over 1000 students in medical programs across six countries.

This facet of student mobility has evolved into the primary feeder network for all global group activities. Responding to industry demands, MOKSH introduced a new Academy in 2018.

The Challenge in the Industry

Recognizing that merely placing students on the path to becoming a doctor is insufficient, as each student must successfully clear licensing exams like FMGE or USMLE before practicing clinical skills. The success rate in these licensing exams, such as FMGE, was a mere 14.22%, indicating a pressing need for a solution.

By 2019, the Indian parliament enacted a law mandating a licensing exam for all doctors, both domestically and internationally trained, known as NEXT (National Exit Test). This test applies to all graduates from June 2023 onward. This development made it clear to medical students that holding an MBBS degree did not grant them automatic licensing to practice in India, necessitating preparation for the upcoming exit exam.

This circumstance led to the establishment of MOKSH Academy, now widely regarded as the preferred test preparation solution among medical professionals nationwide for various entry and exit exams.

Our Leadership

In the rush to pursue medical studies abroad, there was a prevalent herd mentality, often guided by less reputable education agents advocating for particular universities. Originally a small-scale operator, the MOKSH group has since expanded with 35+ branches in various cities, now standing as the largest healthcare placement and coaching academy in India.

The MOKSH group attained leadership in the field by introducing a groundbreaking concept:

  1. Instituting a transparent system for university selection.
  2. Providing a direct university application system with real-time tracking of application status.
  3. Establishing a nationwide presence of branches to offer honest counseling services.
  4. Initiating exit exam preparation from the first day of medical school.
  5. Providing clarity to students regarding their clinical career vision, extending up to postgraduate studies.

Benefits of MOKSH Academy

MOKSH Academy presents a range of advantages to students seeking medical education:

  1. Comprehensive Test Preparation: MOKSH Academy offers thorough and effective preparation for various entry and exit exams, ensuring students are well-equipped for success.
  2. Transparent University Selection: The academy provides a transparent system for selecting universities, guiding students in making informed choices for their medical education.
  3. Direct Application System: MOKSH Academy simplifies the application process by offering a direct university application system, enabling students to track their application status in real-time.
  4. Nationwide Counseling Services: With a presence in various cities, MOKSH Academy ensures widespread and honest counseling services for aspiring medical professionals.
  5. Early Exit Exam Preparation: The academy stands out by initiating exit exam preparation from the first day of medical school, giving students a head start in achieving success.
  6. Career Clarity: MOKSH Academy assists students in clarifying their clinical career vision, providing guidance and support up to postgraduate studies.

These advantages collectively contribute to MOKSH Academy’s position as a leader in healthcare placement and coaching in India.

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