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Utilizing some of India's most advanced technology and creative tools, the entire MBBS syllabus.
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MOKSH empowers you to set the pace of your studies, assisting you in recognizing your weaknesses and transforming them into strengths with the guidance of our globally renowned faculty.

All-encompassing educational programs and courses for every student Embark on a journey of lifelong learning with the finest educators in India, featuring engaging video lessons and personalized learning paths.

Flexible training initiatives Proficient instructors Comprehensive and regularly updated question bank

Why Choose MOKSH

A meticulously structured course with a Study Planner, utilizing some of India’s most advanced technology and creative tools, has divided the entire MBBS syllabus to cater to the individual needs of the student.

Live Class with Top Indian Faculties

Live Classes with Leading Indian Instructors MOKSH empowers you to set the pace of your studies, enabling you to identify your weaknesses and transform them into strengths with the guidance of our globally renowned faculty.

Extensive Review

Video Library with Over 500 Hours MOKSH’s review video library encompasses detailed videos for each sub-topic and the main topic, providing students with in-depth knowledge and aiding in the establishment of a robust foundation.

Individual learning technology

This functionality allows for individual tracking of test performance and attendance, ensuring that each student can keep up with the faculty. Additionally, individual doubt clearance sessions are incorporated into this feature.

Innovative test platform

Cutting-edge Testing Platform MOKSH offers students a fully updated question bank that includes modular, concept-wise, whole syllabus, mock, and high-yield tests.

Auto assignment of weak areas

Automated Identification and Remediation of Weak Areas The system autonomously identifies the weak areas of each student and addresses them by assigning questions of a similar level until the student can answer correctly and consistently.

Updated 23,000+ Clinical Q-Bank

Revised Clinical Question Bank with Over 23,000 Questions MOKSH’s faculty comprises a blend of globally renowned doctors and highly experienced professors from around the world, actively practicing medicine or instructing at some of the finest institutions globally.

Progress Analytics

Progress Analytics This functionality enables students to gauge and analyze their progress at each stage and for every topic, facilitating improved time management and comprehension of concepts.

Individualized Mentoring

Each MBBS student is paired with an experienced personal mentor who guides them at every step of their journey. These mentors are typically individuals who have successfully passed the exam and completed their residency.

Addressing Industry Challenges

Recognizing a significant challenge in the industry, it became evident that merely facilitating students to become doctors was not a complete solution. Every student needed to pass licensing exams such as FMGE or USMLE before practicing clinical skills. The success rate in licensing exams, like FMGE, was a mere 14.22%, indicating a pressing need for a solution.

In 2019, the Indian parliament enacted a law mandating a mandatory licensing exam for all doctors, both domestically and internationally trained, known as NEXT (National Exit Test). This test would be applicable to all graduates passing after June 2023. Suddenly, medical professionals realized that holding an MBBS degree did not automatically grant them a license to practice in India, necessitating preparation for the exit exam.

In response to this situation, MOKSH Academy emerged, becoming the preferred test preparation solution among medical professionals nationwide for various entry and exit exams.

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