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Keeping Your Smile Healthy with Dental Cleanings

Keep your smile healthy with dental cleanings in Grande Prairie. Learn the importance of preventive dentistry and how it can benefit your oral health.
preventive dentistry: keeping your smile healthy with dental cleanings in grande prairie

Visiting your Grande Prairie dentist regularly for cleanings and exams is the foundation of preventive dentistry. These visits allow detection and treatment of problems before they require extensive restorative work. Read on to learn the key benefits of professional cleanings and other preventive measures to maintain your dental health.

Removing Harmful Plaque

Daily home brushing only cleans about 60% of your tooth surfaces. The remaining 40% harbors plaque buildup that causes cavities, gum disease, and bad breath. Your hygienist removes this plaque above and below the gum line that you can’t reach. They utilize specialized instruments and ultrasonic devices to deep clean areas most vulnerable to plaque accumulation. This disrupts bacteria from adhering and hardening into calculus (tartar). Tartar can only be removed by professional cleaning, otherwise it continues to foster bacteria growth.

Detecting Problems Early

While dental cleaning in Grande Prairie your mouth, your Grande Prairie dental team performs a thorough inspection. They check for signs of decay, cracked enamel, gum recession, irregularities, and more. Early detection of developing problems allows for minimally-invasive treatment. For example, they may spot decay as a small cavity able to be treated with a simple filling. If left unaddressed, it would progress and require a crown or root canal later on. Preventive exams safeguard your oral health.

Maintaining Gum Health

Your gums need consistent care to defend against disease. Periodontal (gum) disease erodes gum tissues when bacteria-rich plaque deposits inflame the area. Warning signs during cleaning include puffy, bleeding gums that are separating from the teeth. Your hygienist removes built-up calculus that gets trapped below the gumline, helping reduce inflammation and pockets. They can measure any problem spots and monitor them at future visits.

Removing Stains and Brightening Your Smile

As your hygienist scales, polishes, and flosses your teeth, they lift away stains on the enamel. This removes surface discoloration from coffee, wine, smoking, foods, and more. A polished, plaque-free tooth surface looks noticeably whiter and brighter. Your dentist can also apply professional strength whitening and polishing agents for deeper cleaning and stain removal. This enhances the look of your smile over time.

Oral Cancer Screening

Your regular exams include screening for signs of oral cancer and pre-cancer. Your Grande Prairie dentist visually examines all soft tissues of the mouth, neck, lips, and cheeks. They feel for lumps, tenderness, or odd textures that could indicate cancer. Early detection dramatically improves prognosis if any suspicious areas are found. Oral cancer screenings help safeguard your health during cleanings.

Customized Home Care Instructions

Based on your unique oral needs, your hygienist provides tailored home care instructions. They demonstrate proper brushing and flossing technique for optimal plaque removal. You’ll get suggestions on helpful aids like antiseptic rinses, interdental brushes, tongue scrapers, fluoride toothpaste, and more. Any problem areas in your mouth requiring special attention are identified. Following customized home care between visits keeps your smile healthy.


Consistent preventive dental care including regular professional cleanings is key to a healthy, beautiful smile. Take advantage of the plaque removal, early disease detection, whitening, cancer screening, and home care education your Grande Prairie dentist provides. Protect your oral health through ongoing preventive visits so your smile stays strong for life.

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