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It’s Never Too Late: Exploring Adult Orthodontics

Discover the benefits of adult orthodontics in Calgary. Improve your smile at any age. It's never too late to achieve straighter teeth.
it's never too late: exploring adult orthodontics in calgary

Traditionally, braces were associated with tweens and teens. But today, more and more adults in Calgary are seeking orthodontic treatment. Advances in appliances and techniques now allow for effective tooth alignment at any age. Whether to correct longstanding issues or simply enhance your smile, orthodontics offer multiple benefits for adult patients. Read on to learn how today’s braces and clear aligners can transform your smile, no matter your age.

Correcting Existing Problems

Many adults have underlying orthodontic issues that were never addressed in childhood. An experienced Calgary orthodontist can identify and correct these problems that may worsen over time without treatment. Common adult orthodontic cases include:

  • Crowding – Rotating and misaligned teeth due to insufficient space.
  • Underbite/overbite – Jaw misalignment causing the upper and lower teeth to meet improperly.
  • Gaps – Abnormal spacing between certain teeth.
  • Crossbite – Specific teeth that cross over the midline when biting.

Today’s braces and clear aligner options can remedy these issues effectively, including more complex malocclusions.

Improving Function

Beyond aesthetics, correcting orthodontic problems optimizes how your teeth function when eating and speaking. Misaligned bites lead to uneven wearing of tooth surfaces, jaw pain, speech impediments, and chewing/biting difficulties. Straightening crooked teeth helps restore proper bite alignment and function. With improved occlusion, you can enjoy meals and speak clearly without discomfort or limitations.

Preventing Tooth Decay and Loss

Crooked, crowded teeth are harder to clean and more cavity-prone. They also risk shifting into spaces, resulting in additional crowding and eventual tooth loss. Orthodontic treatment creates ideal spacing between teeth for thorough brushing and flossing. This allows for better plaque removal and decay prevention. Orthodontics helps preserve your natural healthy teeth for decades to come.

Boosting Self-Esteem

An irregular or “gappy” smile can greatly undermine adult self-confidence. Braces or clear aligners provide a dramatic confidence boost. Having a smile you feel proud to share boosts self-image inside and out. This allows for brighter social interactions, photographs, and overall well-being. An attractive aligned smile empowers you to make a great first impression at work or in relationships.

Aesthetic Enhancement

Beyond functional correction, orthodontics improves the beauty and symmetry of smiles. Orthodontists for Adults in Calgary can transform crooked or irregular teeth into a stunningly straightened smile. A balanced, uniform smile conveys health, beauty, and discipline. Orthodontics combined with teeth whitening or bonding creates dazzling smiles for wedding photos, professional headshots, or a competitive career. A bright “Hollywood” smile commands respect and admiration.


Don’t let age deter you from attaining the smile you’ve always desired – today’s orthodontics make it possible at any stage of adulthood. Work with a knowledgeable Calgary orthodontist to determine the most effective options to meet your treatment goals. From clear aligners to ceramic braces to lingual braces, excellent adult-focused choices exist. Take your smile to the next level by consulting an orthodontist for a consultation today.

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