International Medical College & Hospital

The college boasts well-equipped laboratories for physiology, pathology, biochemistry, pharmacology, microbiology, and other departments.

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Tongi, Bangladesh

Situated along the northern border of Dhaka, Bangladesh, Tongi is a significant township located on the banks of the Turag River. The riverbanks are bustling with local traders utilizing cargo and transportation boats for travel. Similar to India, Bangladesh experiences a warm and humid climate, with average temperatures ranging between 15 ºC and 34 ºC throughout the year.

International Medical College & Hospital

Established in 2000, the International Medical College & Hospital (IMCH) occupies a sprawling campus spanning 6 acres, dedicated to medical education and research. With a 650-bed hospital adjacent to the campus, students have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in patient care. The MBBS program at IMCH spans five years, covering pre-clinical, para-clinical, and clinical subjects, adhering to the standards set by the Bangladesh Medical & Dental Council and the University of Dhaka.

Ranked 13182nd among 40,000 universities worldwide, IMCH is located away from the city center, offering limited pick-up and drop-off facilities for students. The college boasts well-equipped laboratories for physiology, pathology, biochemistry, pharmacology, microbiology, and other departments.

Facts about MBBS in Bangladesh

Bangladeshi medical colleges maintain a moderate academic standard, with variations in infrastructure, facilities, and academics due to lack of state funding and high tuition fees in private colleges.

Indian students, particularly from West Bengal and the northeastern states, are attracted to Bangladeshi medical colleges due to linguistic similarities and performance in MCI screening tests.

Affiliations and Medical Programs at International Medical College & Hospital

IMCH offers recognized programs, including master’s, bachelor’s, and doctorate degrees, along with affiliation with Kean University, New Jersey, USA.

Cost of Studying MBBS at International Medical College & Hospital

Tuition fees at IMCH fall within the medium range, significantly lower than Indian private medical colleges. The breakdown of course fees is as follows:

| Year | Tuition Fee in USD |
| —— | —————— |
| Year-1 | 4,400 |
| Year-2 | 4,400 |
| Year-3 | 4,400 |
| Year-4 | 4,400 |
| Year-5 | 4,400 |

Admission Deadline and Eligibility Criteria

Admission deadlines typically fall in September, with the visa issuance process taking 4-8 weeks. Eligibility criteria include scoring 60% marks in PCB in Class XII and qualifying NEET 2022.

Indians at International Medical College & Hospital

Indian students are drawn to IMCH due to their success in MCI screening tests and cultural affinity with Bangladesh. However, it’s essential to consider academic standards and tuition fees before enrolling.

PG Option after International Medical College & Hospital

Securing a medical PG seat in India is competitive, with limited seats available in government colleges. Private medical colleges may offer seats at a significant cost.

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