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Green Life Medical College

Securing a medical PG seat in India is highly competitive, with limited seats available in government colleges.
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Dhanmondi, Bangladesh

Situated in the heart of Dhaka, Bangladesh, Dhanmondi serves as a prominent residential area and is home to the Green Life Medical College. Centrally located, Dhanmondi provides convenient access to key centers of Dhaka and boasts a vibrant cultural scene with numerous art galleries, theaters, shopping malls, cafes, schools, and restaurants.

Green Life Medical College, Dhaka

Established in 2010, Green Life Medical College emerged from the successful Green Life Hospital, managed by a team of 50 doctors, after five years of operation. Today, the college admits 110 students annually, including 76 international students.

Featuring impressive infrastructure, the college offers multimedia lecture halls equipped with sound systems and projection facilities, fostering an ideal environment for medical education. The newly constructed 15-story academic building boasts state-of-the-art amenities.

With 12 operation theaters, including four dedicated for teaching purposes, and a 500-bed hospital, Green Life Medical College provides comprehensive healthcare services, covering a wide range of medical conditions. The college emphasizes both academic excellence and student recreation, organizing annual picnics, sports events, and cultural activities.

However, prospective students should note that Green Life Medical College is a private institution, and caution is advised when considering such institutions. It’s important to be aware of certain aspects of studying MBBS in Bangladesh, which are often overlooked by foreign education agents.

Facts about MBBS in Bangladesh

The academic standards and teaching methodologies in Bangladeshi medical colleges are considered average, with variations in infrastructure, facilities, and academics among private institutions.

As private colleges, they do not receive government subsidies, resulting in relatively high tuition fees.

Indian students, particularly from West Bengal and the northeastern states, are drawn to Bangladeshi medical colleges due to linguistic similarities.

Due to similarities in education structure and curriculum with India, graduates from Bangladeshi medical colleges perform well in the FMGE of MCI screening tests.

Cost of Studying MBBS at Green Life Medical College

The MBBS course fees at Green Life Medical College fall within the medium range, significantly lower than those of Indian private medical colleges.

The breakdown of course fees is as follows:

| Year | Course Fee in USD |
| —— | —————— |
| Year-1 | 4000 |
| Year-2 | 4000 |
| Year-3 | 4000 |
| Year-4 | 4000 |
| Year-5 | 4000 |

Admission Deadline and Eligibility Criteria

Admission deadlines for Bangladeshi medical colleges typically fall in September. It’s essential to apply on time to secure enrollment, as the visa process may take 4-8 weeks.

Eligibility criteria for Green Life Medical College include scoring 60% marks in PCB in Class XII and qualifying NEET 2021.

Indian Students at Green Life Medical College

Indian students are attracted to Bangladeshi medical colleges due to their favorable performance in MCI screening tests and cultural connections. However, it’s crucial to consider academic standards and tuition fees before enrolling in such institutions.

PG Option after MBBS in Green Life Medical College

Securing a medical PG seat in India is highly competitive, with limited seats available in government colleges. Private medical colleges may offer seats at a significant cost.

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