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David Tvildiani Medical University -MBBS in Georgia

The David Tvildiani Medical University offers top-tier medical education grounded in research and globally recognized quality standards.
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Life in Tbilisi, Georgia
Located in Tbilisi, Georgia, the David Tvildiani Medical University AIETI Medical School offers a promising setting for students. As Georgia’s capital and largest city, Tbilisi boasts a relatively affordable cost of living, ensuring a comfortable lifestyle for residents.

The climate in Georgia remains moderate throughout the summer, transitioning into a rainy season. However, certain regions may experience harsh winter weather, with temperatures occasionally dropping below freezing. This climatic variation may be a notable adjustment for students hailing from tropical countries.

David Tvildiani Medical University, Georgia
Established in 1991, the David Tvildiani Medical University (DTMU) is a private university situated in Tbilisi, Georgia. Renowned for its comprehensive MD curriculum, DTMU emphasizes integrated modules and system-oriented clinical rotations to ensure a well-rounded medical education.

The university is committed to providing high-quality medical education grounded in research and global best practices. With over three decades of experience, DTMU has played a significant role in nurturing competent medical professionals. Additionally, the university’s Scientific Research Department fosters research in biomedical and public health fields, cultivating valuable research skills among students.

DTMU is accredited by the National Centre for Educational Quality Enhancement and holds memberships in prestigious medical education associations like AMEE and AMSE. The university offers a six-year Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) degree program, featuring diverse clinical rotations in specialties such as internal medicine, surgery, pediatrics, obstetrics, and infectious diseases.

Admission Deadline for David Tvildiani Medical University
It is crucial for prospective students to adhere to the application deadlines to ensure they do not miss the opportunity to apply to the university. Commencing the application process and submitting the required documents before the deadline is imperative. For those aiming to secure admission for the academic year 2022 – 2023 at David Tvildiani Medical University, it is advisable to initiate the application process immediately after NEET 2023.

Eligibility Criteria for Admission to David Tvildiani Medical University
Admission requirements for David Tvildiani Medical University entail achieving a minimum score of 50% in PCB (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology) and English as a subject in Class XII. Applicants must be at least 17 years old and have qualified in the NEET exam for the respective year of application. Additionally, the university may conduct an interview to assess applicants’ proficiency in Basic English speaking and comprehension.

Indian Students at David Tvildiani Medical University
Currently, David Tvildiani Medical University in Tbilisi hosts a small number of Indian students. Prospective students should carefully evaluate the merits and drawbacks of pursuing a medical degree from a privately owned university. Factors such as academic quality and infrastructure are pivotal considerations for any aspiring medical student contemplating an MBBS program abroad.

Departure to David Tvildiani Medical University
Obtaining visa approval in Georgia typically requires more time compared to neighbouring countries, typically around one month. The academic session for M.D. programs at David Tvildiani Medical University commences at the end of October or November each year. Students from India typically depart approximately 10-15 days before classes begin to allow ample time for settling into the Georgian environment comfortably.

PG Option after MBBS in David Tvildiani Medical University Tbilisi, Georgia
Upon completing the M.D. program at David Tvildiani Medical University, graduates may explore various options for their medical postgraduate studies. These options include pursuing a Medical P.G. in India after clearing NEXT, pursuing studies in the USA after passing USMLE, seeking opportunities in the U.K. after passing the PLAB Exam, or pursuing Medical P.G. studies in Germany. Students interested in obtaining a Medical P.G. from Georgia must complete a one-year internship in Georgia following their six-year M.D. program. Additionally, they must pass the Georgian Medical P.G. licensing exam. However, it’s noteworthy that few international students opt for this route due to the program being conducted in Georgian and limited acceptance in their home countries.

Teaching Faculty
DTMU boasts a dedicated faculty comprising over 75 medical educators, including associate and assistant professors, committed to delivering quality medical education.

Studying at David Tvildiani Medical University
As a private institution, DTMU offers a reputable medical education option in Georgia. Indian students considering DTMU should carefully weigh their choices, considering factors like language of instruction, infrastructure, and academic quality.

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