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China Medical University (CMU) is situated in Shenyang city, Liaoning province. Its inception traces back to 1931.

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MBBS admissions for the year 2022 are now open at China Medical University (CMU) located in Shenyang city, Liaoning. Although founded in the city of Ruijin in Jiangxi province in 1931, CMU has since relocated to Shenyang, offering an intriguing blend of historical roots and modern facilities. Shenyang’s proximity to Beijing, historically significant as both the North and South Capital of China, renders it economically, culturally, and politically vibrant, providing an enriching student life. The city boasts a pleasant climate, making it an attractive destination for international students.

CMU stands out as one of China’s premier universities, earning an A grade from the World Health Organization (WHO). Renowned for its medical education, CMU ranks among the top medical universities in China, offering a comprehensive MBBS program tailored to international students’ needs. With over six decades of teaching experience, CMU delivers high-quality education at an affordable cost, supported by the Chinese government.

The MBBS program at CMU attracts a diverse student body, with over 8,000 Indian students enrolled in various universities across China. CMU alone hosts more than 400 Indian students, reflecting its popularity among Indian learners. The university boasts an impressive 38% success rate in the MCI screening test, indicating its commitment to academic excellence.

Shenyang’s climate mirrors India’s for nine months of the year, with three months resembling the pleasant weather of Himachal Pradesh. Additionally, CMU’s fee structure offers affordability without compromising on quality education. Recognizing CMU’s value proposition, Indian students seeking an MBBS abroad should consider CMU among their top choices.

For students contemplating their educational journey, pursuing a medical postgraduate program in Germany after completing MBBS in China offers a promising career trajectory. However, opting for BDS in China may not be advisable due to higher costs compared to India and quality differences in learning experiences. Overall, CMU stands as an attractive option for Indian students seeking a reputable and affordable medical education abroad.

Admission Eligibility at China Medical University

The eligibility requirements for Indian students to pursue MBBS in China, particularly at this esteemed medical institution, are quite stringent.

Board Type Minimum PCB Score
State Board (10+2 level) 85%
Central Boards like ICSE/CBSE 70%
IB/IGCSE Boards “A” Grade
Therefore, meeting two key criteria is imperative for securing successful admission to the MBBS program in China:

Meeting the high eligibility standards at the 10+2 level
Submitting the application to the university in a timely manner
Application Deadline

The deadline for submitting applications for a medical seat at any leading medical college in China for the MBBS program is June 30th annually. However, seats are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis among eligible applicants. Due to the widespread demand for MBBS programs and the university’s popularity among Indian students, seats tend to be filled by June 15th itself.

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