What is breast augmentation?

Let us get acquainted with the concept of breast augmentation.

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It happens with women of this day and age that they are not glad about their breasts. So breast augmentation Surgery in India is carried out to make the breasts acquire physique, dimension and projection. Based on the different conditions, the total number of procedures or sessions required to carry out the expected results will be different from woman to woman. Let us get acquainted with the concept of breast augmentation.

  • Breast augmentation


Breast augmentation is referred to a procedure or a stratagem in which with the help of placement of implants the breast is supposed to be augmented. Besides, there is a procedure which does not aim at carrying out the required size of the breast with the use of implants itself, rather it takes the help of fat transfer.

It is relevant to mention here. Breast lifts are not included in the category of breast augmentation. This requires a specially designed modus operandi for carrying out this purpose.

  • Significance of the breast implantation surgical procedure


The breast implantation modus operandi is the most performed and appreciated stratagem performed particularly to trigger the fullness of the breasts. It is customarily taken up by women who are not happy with the two different sizes of their breasts. This stratagem is performed by giving the patient a minor dose of some sedative.

  • Breast Implant material


Many implantation stratagems include the use of the following material:


  • Use of silicon gives one the feeling of having incorporated a natural tissue in the breasts.
  • Saline implants are customarily much more cost-effective than that of silicone implants.


This material can be engrafted through the above-mentioned areas:

  • Under the breasts
  • Underneath the arms
  • Around the nipples

  • Breast Lift


Breast lift is the first and foremost choice of the women who are distressed with the following mentioned breast problems:


  • Insignificant dimension
  • Sagging breasts
  • Disfigured breasts


This modus operandi is customarily paired with the breast implantation stratagem to make sure that not only the lifting of the breast is carried out. Besides, the appropriate volume should also take up.

  • Fat transfer to the breasts


This modus operandi is ordinarily placed in the category of minimally-invasive. This surgical procedure aims at providing the natural contour to the breast by restoring the fat which is acquired from some other area of the body which has this component in excess.


  • The acquisition of fat from other regions of the body is customarily carried out by making use of a well-acclaimed liposuction technique. 
  • This is the choice of those women who don’t appreciate and admire the idea of breast implants.


Final Thoughts


We have discussed the three modus operandi of the breast augmentation procedure. The determination of which strategy is to be performed at which client is specifically done by keeping in mind the intensity of the problem, the capability of the body to adapt to the procedure and the budget of the patient. Make sure, if you are taking any sort of breast augmentation treatment option, do deliberately with experts and experienced dermatologists.

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