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Comparison of New Cars with Blind Spot

New cars in Pakistan with Blind Spot Monitoring systems enhance driver safety and convenience
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In the bustling streets and highways of Pakistan, where traffic conditions can be challenging, advanced safety features like Blind Spot Monitoring (BSM) systems can significantly enhance driving safety and convenience. These systems are designed to detect vehicles or objects in the driver’s blind spots, providing visual or auditory alerts to prevent potential collisions during lane changes or maneuvers. Here’s a detailed comparison of new cars in Pakistan equipped with Blind Spot Monitoring systems available in Pakistan:


1. Toyota Corolla

Blind Spot Monitor: Available in higher trims, the Toyota Corolla’s Blind Spot Monitor uses sensors to monitor adjacent lanes. It alerts drivers with visual indicators on the side mirrors if a vehicle is detected in their blind spot.


Integration: The system integrates seamlessly with other safety features, enhancing overall driver awareness and safety.


  1. Honda Civic

Honda LaneWatch: The Honda Civic offers LaneWatch as part of its safety suite. This system uses a camera mounted on the passenger-side mirror to provide live video feed of the vehicle’s blind spot on the infotainment screen when the right turn signal is activated.


Enhanced Visibility: LaneWatch enhances visibility on the passenger side, aiding drivers in making safer lane changes and turns.


  1. Mazda3

Blind Spot Monitoring System: Mazda3 incorporates a radar-based Blind Spot Monitoring system that alerts drivers to vehicles in their blind spots with warning lights in the side mirrors.


Cross-Traffic Alert: Additionally, it includes Rear Cross-Traffic Alert, which notifies drivers of approaching vehicles from the side when reversing out of parking spaces.


  1. Hyundai Elantra

Blind Spot Detection: Hyundai Elantra features Blind Spot Detection with Rear Cross-Traffic Alert as standard in higher trims. The system uses radar sensors to monitor vehicles in the adjacent lanes and provides visual and audible alerts if a vehicle is detected in the blind spot.


Enhanced Safety: This feature enhances safety during lane changes and maneuvering, reducing the risk of side collisions.


  1. Kia Cerato

Blind Spot Collision Warning: Kia Cerato includes Blind Spot Collision Warning, which alerts drivers to vehicles in their blind spots through visual and auditory warnings.


Lane Change Assist: It also features Lane Change Assist, providing additional safety during lane changes by monitoring adjacent lanes.


  1. Nissan Sentra

Blind Spot Warning: Nissan Sentra offers Blind Spot Warning as part of its Nissan Intelligent Mobility suite. This system alerts drivers to vehicles in their blind spots with warning lights and audible alerts.


Cross-Traffic Alert: Cross-Traffic Alert further enhances safety by warning drivers of approaching vehicles when reversing out of parking spaces.


  1. Toyota Yaris

Blind Spot Monitor: Toyota Yaris includes Blind Spot Monitor in higher trims, utilizing sensors to monitor blind spots and alerting drivers with visual indicators on the side mirrors.


Safety Suite: The system is part of Toyota’s comprehensive safety suite, contributing to overall driver awareness and safety on the road.



In Pakistan’s dynamic automotive market, new cars equipped with Blind Spot Monitoring systems offer drivers enhanced safety and peace of mind. These systems utilize advanced sensors and technologies to detect vehicles in blind spots, reducing the risk of collisions during lane changes and maneuvers. Whether integrated as standard features or available in higher trims, Blind Spot Monitoring systems contribute significantly to driver awareness and accident prevention on Pakistan’s roads. When considering a new car purchase, evaluating the availability and functionality of these systems can help drivers make informed decisions that prioritize safety and driving convenience. As technology continues to evolve, these safety features are expected to become more advanced and widely available, further enhancing vehicle safety standards in Pakistan and globally.

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