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Why invest in the Chai Thela franchise?

We are providing best franchise service for young Entrepreneur

India is a country where ‘Chai-pe-Charcha’ is an integral part of everyone’s day. Whether it is a house budget or an office’s new project, no matter what’s the matter, it can’t be solved without having a cup of tea. That’s how important a small cup of tea is. Chai is not limited to small stalls now. Chai lovers’ demand for a sophisticated place to enjoy their tea time has forced entrepreneurs in India to invest in the Chai franchise. Let’s come closer to chai Thela franchise that is generating huge revenues by serving tea to all tea lovers.

Chai Thela stands at 3rd spot in the list of top 10 Indian start-ups serving the needs of tea drinkers across the country in 2018 as surveyed by Theindianwire. The company has 10 outlets across India and aims for 40 such outlets in the upcoming year. Franchise Cost: A franchise for Chai Thela is between 2-4 lakhs. This is the right time to step in and create a multi-billion-dollar enterprise in this domain.

Chai, Thela is one of the most popular franchise companies which provides all the necessities for people. They give homemade tea experience with natural ingredients and take care of people’s health

Choosing the right location:-

With the development of technology, every person lives on social media. Most is of the time invested in social media. Media inform and educate the people they play a crucial role in informing you about the trending environment.

Choosing the right location for the start-up Chai Thela franchise is successful considering the busy market, traffic, college, and office district to maximize visibility and customer and customer service thorough demographic areas to ensure your large audience. Conduct through market research to understand the preferences of the local population and adapt your menu accordingly. Proximity to public transportation can also enhance accessibility.

Your chosen area should be on Google Location through which you can locate your place on Google Maps to attract the audience. You should share your menu and customer feedback on social media. The company should offer home delivery because people want to experience a cup of tea in a cosy way. With the increased burden of work, most people work at late night and the chai lover wants to refresh the mood from work through a cup of is helpful for midnight cravings for chai. As we know chai is too much important in the morning or morning and evening.

Your tea stall should be attractive and the quality and quantity should be good and take care of hygiene. your menu is reliable and attractive. You can offer snacks with chai. Home delivery service is helpful for high-revenue generating and attracts more people towards your work.

If you want to start Chai Thela you have not worry about investment you can start with a small scale. your hard work and consciousness make it profitable. social media helps you to achieve more success.

Door-to-door service is very helpful in enhancing your business in the social media world.


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