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Why Croatians Love Watching Their Team Shock Europe

I had the opportunity to write about a Croatian national team, called Vatreni,
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I had the opportunity to write about a Croatian national team, called Vatreni, as a blogger for TipsPortal and being thrilled with their journey from UEFA Euro 2024. Croatia would not be deemed among the tournament favorites but their track record of Springing Europe’s elite has long been a source of great pride and excitement to their adoring fans.


The Allure of the Underdog

One of the principal reasons for this is due to Croatia being fundamentally viewed by their followers as plucky underdogs. Other fans however are aware that their team may not be in possession of the finest talents or largest roster but they see fighting spirit, determination and a never-say-die attitude as exactly what is required to defy logic on some of sport’s grandest stages.

Both soft neutrals hoping for an underdog success and hard bad-takes watching the best in the world fall progressively flat across a few weeks, many saw Croatia as their team of choice. Such is the exuberance they find in being able to show people up, pulling off a shock result against one of European football’s top dogs.


The Thrill of the Upset

Croatia’s historic defeat of more glamorous sides past – an element fueling interest around the squad. Croatia has a proud history of exceeding expectations and punching above their weight, from that remarkable 3-1 victory against Russia in the World Cup host nation’s own backyard to underdog performances at recent major tournaments.

The excitement of being an underdog who defies the odds, the happiness in seeing your team overcome adversity to win and the feeling that a Croatian side embodies can be very compelling reasons for fans. They are aware and know that their team may not win every game, but they also believe the journey meant something as well.


The power to unite in underdog

Their status as underdogs has also acted as a unifying force for the nation and Croatia is united behind its football team, celebrating in unison with each goal or win. The image of die-hard supporters from every background cheering on the Vatreni is a stark illustration of football’s ability to blur social and political lines.

This atmosphere of a proper community is tangible, with fans all basking in the glory and pride of seeing their team have such success. The memories of glory days past, the tales handed down from father to son and a whispered prayer for success in future still serve as the eternal threefold binding that unites supporters with their dearly loved Vatreni.


The Promise of Euro 2024

Fans, meanwhile, are salivating at the thought of more historic upsets as Croatia gears up for Euro 2024 against Europe’s best. The emergence of a new generation spearheaded by the likes of Luka Modrić and Ivan Rakitić has restored optimism in fans that something better is just around the corner.

They know their team may not be the favorites to win the tournament, but with a little bit of skill and determination mixed up together with just a pinch (or maybe more) factor called luck they can make through another shock result that will warm their fans’ hearts again. The delight of the underdog, feeling that you have upset the odds and can hold your head up high when criticized on a worldwide platform helps empower those Croatian fans.

Defeat in defeat, now they revel in the thrill of an upset, as Croatian football marches on and support for Bad Blue Boys’ Vatreni surges once again. The attraction of the trial, a delight in watching their nation overcome all odds and the uniting force of getting behind an underdog figurehead for Croatian spirit have each played its part to make sure that team Croatia lives longer than perhaps they themselves were expecting. Fans are eager to hope again as the line up of Vatreni will grace Europe’s big stage at Euro 2024, but not without some adversity and it is heart, passion that can set a path across impossible hurdles with unwavering support behind you by your nation.



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