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Why choose to study MBBS in Georgia 2024

For Indian students aspiring to become doctors, the journey towards obtaining an MBBS degree can appear daunting.
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For Indian students aspiring to become doctors, the journey towards obtaining an MBBS degree can appear daunting. The challenge of competitive exams, high expenses, and restricted seat availability frequently leads to feelings of discouragement among students.

Let’s delve into the compelling factors that make MBBS in Georgia an ideal destination in 2024:

Affordability: Georgia offers reasonable MBBS fees, coupled with lower living expenses compared to various other destinations.

Recognition: Degrees are acknowledged by esteemed institutions such as the NMC (India) and WHO, providing access to global opportunities.

Language: Instruction is conducted in English, eliminating language obstacles for Indian students.

Safety: Georgia boasts a peaceful and inviting environment with a low crime rate.

Cultural Affinity: Experience warm hospitality and cultural parallels with India, facilitating a seamless transition for students.

American Integrated Medical Program in Georgia

Distinguishing Standard from Integrated American Program The primary contrast between the standard MBBS program and the Integrated American Program lies in their respective focuses: while the former centers on completing the European medical degree requirements and taking exams like FMGE or NExT for Indian medical practice licensure, the latter gears towards preparing students for the USMLE exam, essential for practicing medicine in the United States.

Standard MBBS Program:Under the standard MBBS program, students fulfill the curriculum requirements for a European medical degree. Subsequently, they undertake exams such as FMGE or NExT to secure their medical practice license in India. Following licensure acquisition, students may pursue specialization leading to an MD degree.

Integrated American Program: The Integrated American Program aims to equip students for the USMLE exam and eventual medical practice in the United States. Students in this program commence USMLE Step 1 exam preparation from their first year of MBBS studies. The USMLE exam preparation curriculum is integrated with the standard MBBS program, culminating in students typically sitting for the Step 1 exam by the end of their third year of MBBS. Preparation for the USMLE Step 2CK exam commences in the fourth year, with students usually taking this exam in their fifth year.

Ultimately, in their final year of MBBS, students partake in a US hospital clerkship and fulfill all requirements for ECFMG certification application, paving the way for residency applications for their medical PG course in the USA.

Contrasts in Studying MBBS in Batumi and Tbilisi, Georgia Batumi and Tbilisi are prominent destinations in Georgia for international students seeking MBBS degrees. Tbilisi, the capital city of Georgia, stands as the nation’s largest urban center, renowned for its educational, cultural, and commercial significance. It serves as the location for 19 out of Georgia’s 21 NMC-approved medical colleges. On the other hand, Batumi, situated on the southwestern coast of Georgia, hosts three of the country’s 21 NMC-approved medical colleges.

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