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Misty Raney husband, Maciah Bilodeau, is one lucky man to have a wife like Misty in his life.

Misty Raney husband, Maciah Bilodeau, is one lucky man to have a wife like Misty in his life. The duo is also blessed with a son who completes their family. Lately, some rumors have been flying around that say Misty is pregnant. In the following article, we will be uncovered if the stories are true or baseless.

In short, Misty Raney is an American TV actress who is well known for her works in the TV show, Homestead Rescue which airs on Discovery Channel Network. Raney is also a farmer and constructor.

Misty Raney is an American reality TV personality best known for her appearances on the Discovery Channel’s series “Homestead Rescue.” Born into a family deeply rooted in homesteading and survival skills, Misty brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the show. With a passion for sustainable living and off-grid living, Misty, alongside her father Marty Raney and brother Matt Raney, travels across the country helping struggling homesteaders overcome challenges and build self-sufficient lifestyles. Misty is admired for her expertise in gardening, construction, and wilderness survival, as well as her down-to-earth personality and determination to empower others to live closer to nature.

Who is Misty Raney Husband Machiah Bilodeau? 

Talking about the status of her life, she has happily married her long-time lover, Machiah Bilodeau, in 2000. Their wedding took place in front of their near and dear ones. Misty and Machiah have enjoyed a happy and blissful married life for two decades now.

Yet, the love birds have not been found having any affairs outside their married life in all these years. On the contrary, the love and relationship for each other are growing stronger with time. Misty Raney married life is an ideal one to be cherished for the fans of the show.

Do Misty Raney and Machiah Bilodeau Has Any Kids?

Misty Raney and Machiah Bilodeau are blessed with sons. They name their son, Gauge Bilodeau, born on 11 April 2011. Currently, Gauge is ten years old as of now.

Both Misty and Machiah live a happy and lavish lifestyle with their adorable son. The family of three often switches their time in their home in Hawaii and Alaska.

Is Misty Raney Pregnant?

Some online sites and some of the fans of Homestead Rescue claimed that Misty Raney age 42, might be pregnant as Misty was seen putting on some weight.

While looking at her recent post on social media, it is clear that Misty has gained some weight which enables fans to speculate that she is with a baby. However, the extra weight has been more or less constant in the last season, which makes us feel that she is not pregnant. Hence, we believe that pregnancy news is baseless.

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