What is Dream11 and How to Play It

Dream11 is an online platform where users can create their fantasy teams by selecting players from sports leagues such as cricket, football, and more.

how to play DREAM 11

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Introduction to Dream11

Dream11 is an online platform where users can create their fantasy teams by selecting players from real-life sports leagues such as cricket, football, basketball, and more. These teams then compete against each other based on the actual performance of the chosen players in live matches.

Understanding the Concept

Fantasy sports involve creating virtual teams composed of real players from various teams. These teams earn points based on the statistical performance of the players in actual matches. Dream11 takes this concept and provides a platform for users to create and manage their fantasy teams.

Getting Started

To begin playing on Dream11, users need to sign up for an account on the platform. Once registered, they can proceed to create their fantasy team for upcoming matches.

Choosing Your Players

Selecting the right players is crucial for success in Dream11. Users need to analyze player statistics, team composition, and other factors to build a strong team that can earn maximum points.

Joining Contests

Dream11 offers various contests with different entry fees and prize pools. Users can choose the contests that suit their preferences and budgets.

Managing Your Team

Before the deadline for a match, users can make changes to their team composition based on player availability and other factors. It’s essential to monitor player performance and make strategic substitutions to maximize points.

Scoring System

Points on Dream11 are awarded based on various criteria such as runs, wickets, goals, assists, and more, depending on the sport. Understanding the scoring system is crucial for optimizing team selection.

Winning and Withdrawals

Users can win cash prizes and bonuses based on their team’s performance in contests. Withdrawing winnings from Dream11 is a straightforward process that involves verifying identity and providing bank account details.

Tips for Success

Researching player form, team news, and match conditions can give users an edge in Dream11 contests. Staying updated with the latest developments is essential for making informed decisions.

Avoiding Common Mistakes

Common mistakes in Dream11 include overlooking player form, neglecting team composition, and not considering the impact of match conditions. Avoiding these pitfalls can improve chances of success.

Legal Aspects

Fantasy sports, including Dream11, operate within the legal framework of various countries. Users should ensure compliance with local regulations and understand the legal status of such platforms.

Community and Support

Engaging with the Dream11 community and accessing customer support can enhance the overall experience and address any queries or concerns users may have.

Here’s how to play Dream11:

  1. Sign Up: Firstly, you need to sign up on the Dream11 platform either through their website or mobile app.
  2. Select a Match: Once logged in, choose a match from the list of ongoing or upcoming matches available on the platform.
  3. Create Your Team: After selecting a match, you need to create your virtual team for that match. You have to select players from both teams within a specified budget while adhering to the team composition rules provided by Dream11. The composition typically includes a certain number of batsmen, bowlers, all-rounders, and wicket-keepers.
  4. Choose Captain and Vice-Captain: After selecting your team, you need to designate a captain and a vice-captain. The captain usually earns double the points, while the vice-captain earns 1.5 times the points scored by them.
  5. Join Contests: Once your team is created, you can join various contests available for the selected match. These contests may have different entry fees and prize amounts.
  6. Follow the Match: As the real match progresses, your virtual team earns points based on the actual performance of the players you’ve selected. These points are awarded for actions like runs scored, wickets taken, catches, etc.
  7. Track Your Score: Dream11 provides real-time scoring updates, allowing you to track your team’s performance during the match.
  8. Win Prizes: At the end of the match, users with the highest cumulative points in their respective contests win cash prizes or other rewards, depending on the contest type and entry fee.

Remember, playing on Dream11 involves both skill and luck. It’s essential to analyze player statistics, current form, pitch conditions, and other relevant factors to create a competitive team.


Dream11 offers sports enthusiasts a unique and engaging way to experience their favorite sports. With its user-friendly interface, a wide range of contests, and exciting rewards, Dream11 is the ultimate destination for fantasy sports lovers.

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