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Victor Babes University of Medicine typically enrolls approximately 10 to 15 Indian students.

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Admission Deadline for Victor Babes University of Medicine Romania
To secure admission to Romanian Universities, it’s crucial to complete the admission process before the specified deadline. Typically, the academic session at Romanian Universities commences in September each year. Therefore, the recommended time to apply for admission to Victor Babes University of Medicine for the 2022 – 2023 academic year is before June 15th.

Eligibility Criteria for Admission in Victor Babes University of Medicine
Victor Babes University of Medicine sets specific admission requirements, including a minimum score of 60% marks in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology (PCB) in Class XII. Additionally, candidates must have qualified for the NEET exam for the relevant academic year. Following that, the university may conduct an interview to evaluate the candidate’s proficiency in Basic English speaking and comprehension.

Indian student at Victor Babes University of Medicine
Victor Babes University of Medicine typically enrolls approximately 10 to 15 Indian students. Studying MBBS in Romania offers an excellent opportunity to earn a Doctor of Medicine degree from a prestigious institution. Indian students benefit not only from the high-quality education provided but also from the exposure to international perspectives.

In conclusion, it’s advisable for prospective students to seek admission at public universities when considering studying MBBS abroad. Prior to selecting a medical program, thorough research into the university’s teaching methodologies, infrastructure, and overall learning experience is essential.

Teaching Staff
At Victor Babes University of Medicine and Pharmacy, the teaching faculty actively organizes various vocational training activities related to medical education, research, and healthcare programs. The academic staff at UMFT consists of professional personnel, lecturers, clinical instructors, and medical instructors.

Studying at Victor Babes University of Medicine
Victor Babes University of Medicine is a renowned public medical educational institution. Prospective medical students interested in pursuing an MBBS program at a Romanian university must conduct thorough research on their chosen institution.

Here are some key points to consider:

1. Victor Babes University of Medicine boasts over 75 years of experience as a leading medical university in Romania.
2. The Faculty of Medicine initiated its Doctor of Medicine program in 1948.
3. The university offers the Medicine program in English, eliminating the need for international students to learn an additional language.
4. The medical program spans six years, adhering to the guidelines established by the NMC (formerly MCI).
5. Victor Babes University is located in Romania, a country known for its rich cultural heritage and scenic landscapes.
6. The approximate total cost of pursuing an MBBS at Victor Babes University of Medicine is around 38 Lakh rupees.

Affiliations and Medical Programs at Victor Babes University of Medicine
Victor Babes University of Medicine maintains academic affiliations with 26 foreign institutions across various locations, including Chicago, Budapest, Poland, Italy, Germany, Moldova, and Hungary.

The university offers several Bachelor-level educational programs, including the Medicine program (taught in English), Nursing program, Dental Medicine (English), Dental Technicians, and Pharmacy, all under the faculty of medicine.

Postgraduate Options after MBBS at Victor Babes University of Medicine
Upon completion of the MD Program in Romania, students have various avenues to pursue their Medical PG, such as India after clearing NEXT, the USA after passing the USMLE, the UK after successfully completing the PLAB Exam, or pursuing a Medical PG in Germany. Those seeking a Medical PG from Romania must undergo a one-year internship in Romania following their six-year MD Program. Before this, they must pass the Romanian Medical PG Licensing Exam. However, only a few international students opt for this program in Romania, and acceptance in their native country is not guaranteed.

Medical PG in India or NEXT
While pursuing their MBBS, students come to realize the importance of specializing in a particular field. They also understand the competitiveness in securing an MD/MS Seat in Government Colleges. Considering the success ratio for obtaining a PG seat in Government Medical Colleges, which stands at 11%, it’s evident that only 1 out of 10 students will secure a PG Seat. Moreover, the chances of obtaining a Clinical specialty are even slimmer, with only 1 out of 20 applicants succeeding. Consequently, the PG journey is arduous, and students may need significant financial resources to secure a paid seat in a Private Medical College, which may cost in crores.

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