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There are various resources for USMLE study preparation, categorized into four types: online materials, books, videos & audio, and study applications. Let’s explore each of these options to determine which best suits your needs.

Undoubtedly, the online realm provides extensive coverage of USMLE study resources, encompassing a significant portion of the USMLE curriculum. Online platforms offer sample questions for all stages of the USMLE, including practice questions for USMLE Step 1, Step 2, and Step 3. Various organizations provide preparation materials in the form of question banks, self-assessment modules, mock tests, and more.

One notable online resource is the Moksh online USMLE training module, distinguished by its structured design and key features:

  1. Real Exam Simulation: The Moksh USMLE module replicates the actual examination environment, aligning with the online format of the USMLE series.
  2. Flexible Subscription Options: The module offers flexibility in administering USMLE preparation materials, allowing users to choose subscriptions tailored to their specific durations and needs.
  3. Up-to-Date Question Banks: The Moksh question banks undergo regular updates, adapting to the dynamic nature of the platform. Some modules are designed to mirror the complexity of real exams, enabling users to gauge their performance against real exam scores and tailor their preparation accordingly with these USMLE practice questions.


    The foundational concepts for USMLE examinations are encapsulated in books, serving as the cornerstone of preparation. While a multitude of books flood the market for USMLE study, only a select few truly stand out as effective resources. These books, available for purchase on e-commerce platforms such as Amazon and other book-selling websites, contribute significantly to comprehensive USMLE preparation.


Enhance your USMLE preparation with the aid of videos and audio resources. Engage with experienced USMLE faculty through online videos, allowing for interactive learning. Conveniently save audio files on your smartphones, providing flexibility to listen at your convenience. Moksh’s audio-video lectures, along with seminars and webinars, prove highly beneficial and are particularly favored among examinees, offering valuable guidance throughout your USMLE preparation journey.


In the current technological era, you have the option to prepare for your USMLE exams through mobile applications. Most USMLE service providers typically offer their own mobile applications, which you can download from your mobile’s application store. Whether free or paid, these apps can be easily found through a search on your mobile’s application store. The most effective USMLE study schedule apps are those that enable the creation of personalized study schedules tailored for the USMLE exams.

The Moksh USMLE Module stands out with its distinctive design, providing comprehensive lecture notes and content aggregated from the finest available online resources. While certain content providers excel in Step 1, others may have superior question banks. Moksh offers the best amalgamation of recommended content, assisting you in achieving your target score.

To explore the uniqueness of the Moksh USMLE Program and for more details, visit the USMLE Coaching page.

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