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USMLE Coaching 2024

The USMLE sets itself apart from any exam you might have previously taken.
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The USMLE diverges from any prior examination experience, recognizing that a universally applicable training module is insufficient for this particular test. Tailoring the training module uniquely for each aspirant becomes essential, given the diverse individual profiles aiming to match with a multitude of specializations, rendering the USMLE a dynamic entity in its own right.

Our training modules are crafted to afford you the autonomy to guide your own preparation. Moksh USMLE’s training modules are designed to be adaptable, allowing you to customize various aspects based on factors such as your current year of MBBS, or your current subject or topic of interest.

MOKSH Mentorship offers you the benefit of personalized guidance. We provide dedicated mentors assigned to you, treating your mentorship as a unique project. What sets these mentors apart is their successful clearance of the USMLE, making them the ideal guides for your journey.


Participate in exclusive workshops meticulously crafted by Moksh, offering innovative content that surpasses the imagination of other USMLE training providers.

Test-taking workshops

Generate personalized tests by utilizing our extensive question database. Simply indicate the desired subject, system, or topic for testing, and you’ll have a USMLE pattern test prepared for your attempt. Importantly, we recognize and support your desire to push your limits, facilitated by our cutting-edge technology and comprehensive content.

CV building workshops

Moksh’s USMLE coaching stands out not only for exam preparation but also for our unique assistance in crafting your CV. It’s crucial to recognize that your CV plays a pivotal role in your USMLE journey. Serving as the initial impression, we at Moksh are dedicated to ensuring that you develop the most fitting CV. To achieve this, we guide you through a comprehensive process, including creating your personal profile, statement of purpose, establishing your publication record, outlining your extracurricular activities, and tailoring it precisely to align with the specialization you are applying for.

Support for Study Scheduling

Firstly, we recognize that pursuing MBBS is inherently challenging. Furthermore, choosing to prepare for an exam as rigorous as the USMLE adds another layer of complexity. Undoubtedly, you require comprehensive support and understanding throughout this journey. We take into account any reservations you may have and tailor the frequency and content of live lectures to suit your individual needs. This includes considerations such as your ongoing college exams and the specific topics covered by your college lecturers at any given time.

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