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Unveiling the Journey of Chirag Tomar.

I am Chirag Tomar. I am the Director in Axrecycle Private Limited and Director in Tomar Group of Industries PVT LTD.
Chirag Tomar

About Chirag Tomar

The business environment of today’s time has turned to be very dynamic and in this era Chirag Tomar has stand out as nothing less than a beacon of leadership and innovation. He was born in 1993. He embodies a unique blend of technical prowess, strategic vision, & holds a great spirit for entrepreneurship.

Early Years & Education

The education journey of Chirag began at Kamal Model School in Vikas Puri, New Delhi and this is the place where he has laid the initial foundation for his future endeavours. Schooling not just imparted him the required knowledge but at the same time instilled in him the desired values of perseverance and discipline. It was during that course of time that Chirag discovered his inquisitive mind & his immense passion for technology initiated to flourish.

Fuelling his passion during his formative years, Chirag pursued a B-Tech in Computer Science. The academic rigors of the prestigious institution where he pursued his B. Tech not just honed his technical skills but at the same time provided him with a much broader perspective on the various possibilities that lay ahead.

Professional Trajectory

The foray of Chirag into the competitive professional world saw him embracing challenges & crave a niche for himself in the various diverse industries. His major stints are as follows:

1. Director at Axrecycle Private Limited

Chirag Tomar presently holds the position of Director at a company called Axrecycle Private Limited and has played a pivotal role in steering the success of the company in the competitive landscape of manufacturing aluminium ingot. Under his abled leadership, Axrecycle has indeed become nothing less than synonymous with efficiency and quality, contributing very significantly to the growth of the industry.

The ardent commitment & innovative strategies of Chirag to sustainable practices have well-positioned Axrecycle as a leading player in this particular sector. His active role involves overseeing the major operations of the company towards achieving excellence and ensuring that the company stands at a forefront of perpetual innovation & upgrading quality.

2. Director at Tomar Group of Industries Pvt Ltd.

Simultaneously, Chirag Tomar has embraced the business of construction as the Director of Tomar Group of Industries Pvt. Ltd. In this capacity, Tomar has steered the company towards the path of excellence, ensuring that it stands competitive in the ever-emerging sector of construction.
The leadership of Chirag Tomar has been instrumental in expanding the portfolio of the company & fostering a lot of valuable collaborations that drive perpetual growth. His commitment to achieve excellence & a customer-centric approach has immensely solidified the reputation of Tomar Group as a trusted name in the industry of construction.

Beyond the Premises of the Boardroom

The journey of Chirag Tomar is not just defined by his business strategies and board meetings. He is also a forward-thinking individual who always envisions a future where businesses not just thrive but also at the same time contribute to the development of the society. His dedication & commitment to achieve sustainable practices in the field of manufacturing & construction reflects a much broader ethos of corporate responsibility.

Personal Traits

Chirag Tomar’s height is 5’7.5” and his weight is 75 kg. The physical presence of Chirag mirrors the strength of his character & the weight of the responsibility that he carries. His tireless work ethic and that too coupled with his knack for achieving innovation, has become the driving force behind his immense success.

In this dynamic & ever-evolving business landscape, Chirag Tomar is not merely a director but a visionary leader in the business world shaping the future of industries. His glorious journey from being a tech enthusiast to being a key player both in the sectors of manufacturing & construction. This is nothing less than a testament to his positive ability to adapt to various situations, innovate, & lead with unwavering determination. Chirag Tomar has over the years become a symbol of growth, excellence due to his ardent commitment to sustainable and better future.

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