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Top 12 Affordable Supplies Needed To Make Embroidery

Quality embroidery needles are essential for precise stitching. Stock up on assorted needle sizes to suit various thread weights and fabric types.

Embroidery patches are a popular way to add personality and flair to clothing, bags, and accessories. Whether you’re a seasoned crafter or just starting out, having the right supplies is essential for creating high-quality patches. Here are the top 12 affordable supplies you’ll need, along with tips on how to make the most of them, brought to you by zDigitizing, a leading provider of embroidery digitizing services.

1. Fabric

Choose a sturdy fabric like cotton twill or canvas for your patches. These fabrics hold up well to embroidery and provide a stable base for stitching.

2. Embroidery Thread

Invest in a variety of embroidery threads in different colors to bring your designs to life. Polyester or rayon threads are commonly used for their durability and vibrant hues.

3. Embroidery Hoops

Embroidery hoops keep your fabric taut and prevent wrinkles while stitching. Opt for affordable plastic or wooden hoops in various sizes to accommodate different patch dimensions.

4. Needles

Quality embroidery needles are essential for precise stitching. Stock up on assorted needle sizes to suit various thread weights and fabric types.

5. Scissors

Sharp scissors are crucial for trimming fabric and thread with precision. Invest in a pair of embroidery scissors with fine tips for intricate cutting.

6. Backing Material

Backing material provides stability and support to embroidery patches. Fusible interfacing or iron-on adhesive backing are affordable options for reinforcing your patches.

7. Water-Soluble Stabilizer

Water-soluble stabilizer is useful for creating patches with complex or delicate designs. It dissolves in water after stitching, leaving behind a clean finish.

8. Marking Tools

Marking tools like disappearing ink pens or tailor’s chalk help transfer designs onto fabric accurately, ensuring precise embroidery placement.

9. Design Templates

Print or draw design templates to guide your embroidery placement and stitch direction. Templates can be easily created using graphic design software or downloaded from online sources.

10. Embroidery Software

Embroidery software allows you to digitize and customize designs before stitching. Look for affordable or free embroidery software options to create and edit your patch designs.

11. Iron

An iron is essential for activating adhesive backing and securing patches to fabric. Ensure your iron is set to the appropriate heat setting for the fabric you’re working with.

12. Sewing Machine (Optional)

While hand embroidery is traditional, a sewing machine can speed up the patch-making process, especially for large quantities. Look for a basic sewing machine with zigzag stitch capability for sewing around patch edges.


With these affordable supplies and a bit of creativity, you can create beautiful embroidery patches to personalize your clothing and accessories. Whether you’re crafting for fun or starting a small business, having the right tools at your disposal, along with professional embroidery digitizing services from ZDigitizing, ensures success in your embroidery endeavors.

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