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Top 10 Interview-as-a-Service: Transforming Hiring 2024

Discover the leading Interview-as-a-Service solutions reshaping hiring in 2024. Explore the top 10 platforms revolutionizing the recruitment process.

Outsourcing hiring is the new normal today, where organizations choose it for cost reduction, better focus on core work, increased productivity, access to global talent, and much more. Interview as a service is a concept where professionals conduct the initial few rounds of interviews and create a pool of candidates for the final section by the organization.

These platforms use technological advancements to transform the hiring experience, making it less arduous for both recruiters and candidates. Here, we list the top 10 companies significantly impacting this domain.


InCruiter is revolutionizing the recruitment industry with intuitive and AI-powered tools. It has 3000+ freelancers adopting innovative approaches that allow recruiters to source the best candidates, plan interviews efficiently, and improve decision-making processes. Their advanced analytics offer deep insights into the hiring process, ensuring optimal results.

As a company specializing in technical interviews as a service, InCruitеr tops our list. It also offers a video intеrviеw softwarе called InCVid with features such as a livе code compilеr, on-thе-spot fееdback, and proctoring chеcks. 

You can also use our exit interview services, where experts conduct video interviews with the outgoing employees to get constructive feedback.

You can also check our other products and services like AI interview software and freelance interviewer.


Hyresnap provides a pioneering platform that streamlines the video interviewing process. By offering features such as pre-recorded interviews and customized question paths, Hyresnap transforms the conventional recruitment process. It’s essential for businesses seeking to optimize their hiring time without compromising quality.


Vprople leverages AI and machine learning to automate interview scheduling, feedback collection, and candidate assessment. Their state-of-the-art platform improves hiring speed, efficiency, and effectiveness—helping recruiters find the right talent quickly. 

Congra Talents

Congra Talents combines advanced algorithms and data science to deliver a comprehensive, cloud-based platform. Their solution assists organizations in managing interviews while providing a superior experience to candidates. It ensures a smooth and streamlined recruitment process.


InTouch’s robust functionalities handle scheduling, recording, and reporting during the hiring journey. They deliver a simplified user interface. Recruiters can easily use the platform with intelligent candidate matches and actionable insights, thus improving the overall hiring experience.


Interview Vectors interview as a service platform is purpose-built for software engineering roles. By deploying AI algorithms, they evaluate coding tests and assess a candidate’s technical ability. Moreover, their automated tool accelerates the interview process, boosting efficiency for recruiters.


eTeki bridges the technical gap in the hiring process. Their IaaS platform hinges on conducting tech interviews by IT experts, thus guaranteeing accurate technical assessments of candidates. As a result, recruiters can focus on other essential aspects of the hiring process.


HirePro’s platform combines automation, analytics, and AI to revolutionize recruitment. Their IaaS solution offers an end-to-end talent acquisition experience, making it a top-tier IaaS platform.


FloCareer’s video interview software offers a unique blend of human intuition and artificial intelligence. This IaaS platform ensures fair candidate evaluations, delivering a seamless hiring process for both recruiters and candidates.


As an IaaS platform, BarRaiser focuses on the elimination of recruiter bias. Their platform comprises pre-set interview structures that give all candidates equal opportunities. By promoting fair and quality hiring, BarRaiser stands out among its peers.


The aforementioned Interview as a Service platform will significantly transform the recruitment landscape in 2024. They harness technological advances for more streamlined, efficient, and seamless recruiting processes. As they continue to innovate, these platforms are set to play pivotal roles in shaping the future of recruitment. 

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