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SLR Shipping is among the best container transport companies in Dubai because it offers an impressive range of 20ft shipping container for sale.

20ft shipping containers

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Container trading is an important component of the shipping and logistics industry. Container trading companies engaged in container hub trading and rental can benefit from all-inclusive web-based solutions to manage their global operations. These solutions cover all functionalities in global container trading, from procurement, maintenance, repositioning, and sales.

Understanding 20ft Shipping Containers

20ft shipping containers are some of the most common shipping containers for sale. These shipping containers are small enough to fit in most storage spaces and large enough to accommodate the contents of a standard one-car garage.

A 20ft shipping container is 19.4ft in length, 7.8ft in internal width, and 7.9ft in height. The 20ft shipping container for sale is perfect for transporting large machinery and dry goods like grains, raw materials, electronics, and clothing.

Benefits of buying a 20ft shipping container

The following are the benefits of buying a 20 ft shipping container for sale:

  • Buying a 20ft shipping container for sale are the perfect option for areas with space restrictions.
  • A 20ft shipping container is not as heavy as other bigger containers, so it is not difficult to lift this container to the truck or ship.
  • Its small size makes it simple and convenient to pack and unpack.
  • It is also perfect for private and family use.

Things to know before buying a shipping container for sale

The following are the points to consider before you buy a 20ft shipping container:

  • Make sure to buy a 20ft shipping container for sale from a reliable company because there are a lot of amateurs out there.
  • Also, check the availability of space that you have on the premises.
  • If you have a low budget, then a second-hand or used 20ft shipping container is the best option.
  • Do not forget to check the quality of the shipping container.
  • If you are buying a new 20ft shipping container for sale, you might need to know the regular maintenance cost.

The shipping container transport cost depends on the type, features, stock availability, and location of the buyer and seller. If the shipping container you need has more modifications and enhancements, like a portable building or refrigerated unit, the shipping container cost may increase.


Container Trading is important for global trade, and buying shipping containers from a reliable container trading company is a must. SLR Shipping is among the best container transport companies in Dubai because it offers an impressive range of 20ft shipping container for sale. The shipping containers for sale at SLR Shipping are perfectly suited for different purposes, like storage, transportation, and others. These services are available in Russia, the UAE, India, Iran, and CIS countries.

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