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The Rise of Global Skilled Nursing Facility

Facilities provide 24-hour nursing and other post-acute services to seniors with significant health issues
Global Skilled Nursing Facility

Changing Demographics Driving Demand for Elderly Care

The growth in the senior citizen population carries massive implications for long term healthcare needs. More individuals will require assistance with daily activities like bathing, dressing, medication management and other personal care needs as they become less mobile or dependent. Skilled nursing facility are poised to play a crucial role in meeting the demand for professional elderly care. These facilities provide 24-hour nursing and other post-acute services to seniors with significant health issues that require around-the-clock care and monitoring.

Global Nursing Home Industry Set for Robust Expansion

Research firms have projected impressively strong growth rates for the Global Skilled Nursing Facility and assisted living facility industry over the next decade. Key growth drivers include the sharp rise in the senior population globally as well as higher spending power per individual. Another factor bolstering demand is the shift towards non-hospital care as prevalence of chronic diseases increases medical spending.

North America dominates the revenue pie currently with the highly developed United States accounting for the lion’s share. However, Asia-Pacific region is expected to emerge as a key growth. Countries across Asia are aging rapidly but have relatively underdeveloped nursing home infrastructure currently. This gap between rising need and supply implies substantial investment opportunities for new entrants and facility expansions. Other high potential emerging include regions like Latin America, Middle East and parts of Eastern Europe which are also witnessing accelerated population aging.

Regulatory Tailwinds Augment Favorable Industry

Various regulatory initiatives world over are likely to further reinforce the strong growth dynamics of global skilled nursing facilities sector. For instance, initiatives like the Affordable Care Act in the US expanded Medicaid coverage for nursing home services boosting demand. Similarly, national health policies in Asia Pacific nations are increasingly emphasizing institutionalized elderly care as a more affordable option versus burdening family structure. Developed countries are also pushing for de-hospitalization wherever clinically appropriate to control rising medical costs favoring post-acute care providers.

Additionally, stricter quality compliance rules in many jurisdictions have raised overall industry service standards over the years. This has helped increase consumer trust and preference for licensed skilled nursing facilities. Rising education standards in countries particularly for geriatric nursing as a degree specialization should enhance staffing capabilities at such centers going ahead. Thus, on the whole supportive government policies demonstrate a clear political will to ensure adequate long term care infrastructure for seniors which bodes well for further growth of the sector.

Consolidation Remains Key Corporate Strategy

Given the attractive prospects, global skilled nursing is an industry that has seen significant mergers and acquisition activity in recent times. Major players have been consolidating to gain geographic scale and optimize capacity utilization. This consolidation trend is expected to continue as large multi-facility operators aim to achieve operational synergies from their expanded footprints. The consolidation imperative also stems from rising capital needs to adopt new technologies and upgrade facilities as quality benchmarks get ratcheted up continuously by regulatory mandates.

For many companies, acquisition has proven more viable than organic greenfield facility launches to quickly scale up service networks. Private equity firms too have ramped up investing in such facilities that possess stable cashflows and resilience against economic downturns owing to inelastic demand driver of greying populations. This deal making fervour looks set to further intensify the competitive landscape while presenting ongoing portfolio optimization imperatives for leading skilled nursing facility seeking to defend long term positions.

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