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Luna Rain Arts, founded by Shay Hazelwood, introduces the Universe of Laria, a manga-style magazine subscription launching January 2025.

Luna Rain Arts

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A new chapter in graphic storytelling begins with Universe of Laria. 

Luna Rain Arts, the creative hub founded by artist and writer Shay Hazelwood, is excited to unveil its latest project, the Universe of Laria, a captivating manga-style magazine subscription. This innovative series is set to enchant readers with its compelling narratives and exquisite illustrations, launching officially in January 2025.

A Sneak Peek: Demo Magazine Drops in October 2024

To build anticipation and provide a glimpse into this magical world, Luna Rain Arts will release a demo magazine in October 2024. This preview offers fans a first look at the intricate storytelling and vibrant artwork that will define the Universe of Laria. Readers will be drawn into a meticulously crafted realm, setting the stage for an epic journey.

Monthly Magic: A Continuing Saga

The official launch of the Universe of Laria’s first issue in January 2025 will mark the beginning of a unique subscription service. Subscribers will receive a new installment each month, each issue continuing the captivating saga of Laria. This magazine is not just a publication; it’s a portal to a universe where magic and adventure intertwine, providing readers with an ongoing, immersive experience.

Join the Adventure

Fans and newcomers alike are encouraged to sign up for updates and secure their subscriptions early to ensure they don’t miss out on this exciting journey. The Universe of Laria promises to be more than just a story; it is an experience, a monthly ritual that will enchant, inspire, and ignite the imagination.

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About Luna Rain Arts

Shay Hazelwood, the visionary behind Luna Rain Arts, is renowned for her distinctive approach to storytelling, blending mystical themes with visual artistry. Her work explores profound themes of existence and meaning, inviting audiences to engage with the spiritual and magical aspects of life through her various artistic endeavors.

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