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The Effects of Modern Technology on Children

About the impact on children of the era of technological progress
The era of technological advancement

The era of technological advancement has resulted in a lot of effects on children. The occurrences in daily life have been shifted to embrace the aspects of technology in the surroundings, an implication that the way in which some primary tasks are done has changed to reflect the aspects of technology and the potential that modernity is embraced. Technology has resulted in efficiency with which children may learn and take up new ideas but has also emerged in the critical elements that contribute to the development stages being skipped. The transitions in the normal way in which some activities are undertaken are responsible for the shifts in personality development. Modern technology following the results of how to run plagiarism check on google docs has both adverse and positive effects on children.

Modern technology limits the essence of relationship and social skills development in children. The continued use of mobile and other devices results in addiction and the desire for prolonged use, an implication that there is hardly quality time spent with friends and family. The developmental perspectives of the children are undermined by the lack of association with peers and the beneficial outdoor activities that they may participate in. Physical activities are imperative in nurturing the essence of development in children due to the ideals imparted with the result that the excessive time spent online has a severe effect on social skills development and the likelihood that behavioral disorders may emerge.

The overuse of technology devices undermines the sleep quality of children. They stay awake for long durations so that sleeping time is extended while engaged in the various online platforms. The sufficient rest that is expected to result from sleep is hampered relative to the time spent online. As such, the natural development phases of children due to regeneration during sleep misses. The processes of brain development in children set in during sleep so such disruptive activities in the form of the use of technology devices greatly affect the developmental stages of the children.

The various technology-based platforms heighten the risk of cyber-attacks on unsuspecting children. There may be potential occurrences in the standing of cyberbullying. The children tend to be soft targets of criminals and other individuals with ill motives. The taunts and other elements of bullying impact negatively on the development of children as conditioned by the behavioral disorders that may emerge from them. The limitation of the development of self-esteem of children could be associated with the negativity from targeting individuals with negative intentions.

Modern technology affects children positively in the form of permitting positive conversations, especially with parents. Some of the traditional topics that present difficulty in discussing with children are easily accessible on various online platforms. Therefore, their value would be imparted to the children, and a deep scope of explanations offered as the basis for justification of the trends and merits associated with them. The different technology platforms translate to an ease of access of the children to occurrences on a global scale. There is an ease with which particular events may be tracked and the nature in which they unfold is established. The essence of planning is consequently advanced by the potential that several options would be accessible.

In conclusion, technology has effects on children both in the negative and positive perspectives. Relationship and social skills development in children is undermined by the excessive use of technology due to the insufficient time spent with people around. The quality of sleep is affected, effectively limiting development. There is a heightened susceptibility to cyber-attack. However, there is a positive effect of improving the access to information.

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