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The 2024 Toyota Mirai: A Zero-Emission Car

The 2024 Toyota Mirai: A Spacious and Comfortable Car that Combines Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology

The Toyota Mirai is a fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) that runs on hydrogen and produces only water as a byproduct. Unlike battery electric vehicles (BEVs) that must be plugged in to recharge, the Mirai can be refueled at a hydrogen station in minutes. The Mirai offers an electrifying driving experience, a dynamic performance, and a luxurious interior. It also has an impressive EPA-estimated range rating of 402 miles on the XLE grade, making it one of the longest-range zero-emission vehicles on the market.

What is a Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle?

A fuel cell electric vehicle is a type of electric vehicle that generates its electricity onboard from hydrogen. A fuel cell system combines stored hydrogen with oxygen from the air and a chemical reaction that produces electric current and water, which drops out of a hidden vent pipe beneath the car. Electricity generated by the Mirai’s fuel cell and the regenerative braking system is stored in a lithium-ion battery. Pressing the accelerator pedal yields an immediate flow of electric power from the fuel cell and/or battery to the rear-mounted AC synchronous electric motor, which drives the rear wheels.

How Does the Mirai Compare to Other Electric Vehicles?

The Toyota Mirai has several advantages over other electric vehicles, especially regarding range and refueling. The Mirai has a longer range than most BEVs, which typically have a range of 200 to 300 miles. The Mirai can also be refueled in about five minutes at a hydrogen station, whereas BEVs can take several hours to charge fully. The Mirai also has a lower environmental impact than gasoline or diesel vehicles, emitting only water vapor and no greenhouse gases or air pollutants.

What are the Benefits of Driving a Mirai?

Driving a Mirai is not only good for the environment, but also for the driver and the passengers. The Mirai offers a smooth, quiet, and responsive ride thanks to its electric motor and advanced suspension system. The Mirai also has a sleek and futuristic design, a low and wide stance, a long wheelbase, and a coupe-like silhouette. The Mirai’s interior is spacious and comfortable, with premium materials, ambient lighting, and a 12.3-inch touchscreen display. The Mirai also comes with a host of safety and convenience features, such as Toyota Safety Sense 3.0, digital smartphone key capability, and wireless charging.

What are the New Features of the 2024 Mirai?

The 2024 Toyota Mirai has added a few new upgrades that will turn heads. A new Elemental Silver exterior color will now be available across grades. Mirai will also sport new Beyond Zero badging, highlighting Toyota’s commitment to reducing carbon emissions to move toward a carbon-neutral future. The Mirai will also include up to $15,000 of complimentary hydrogen with a purchase or lease and free maintenance for three years or 35,000 miles, whichever comes first.

How Can I Get a Mirai?

The Toyota Mirai is available in select markets in California and Hawaii, with hydrogen stations available. The Mirai is sold in two grades: the XLE and the Limited. The XLE starts at $49,500, and the Limited starts at $66,000. Both grades are eligible for federal and state incentives, such as a $8,000 federal tax credit and a $4,500 California rebate. The Mirai can also be leased for 36 months, with a $2,499 due at signing and a $389 monthly payment for the XLE or a $549 monthly payment for the Limited.


The 2024 Toyota Mirai is a remarkable vehicle that combines zero-emission technology with a long-range and luxurious ride. The Toyota Mirai is great for drivers who want to reduce their environmental impact and enjoy an electrifying driving experience. The Mirai also represents Toyota’s vision of a carbon-neutral future, where hydrogen and fuel cells play a key role in powering transportation and society. The Mirai is more than just a car, it is a symbol of hope and innovation.

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