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Geomedi Faculty of Medicine is accredited by the National Centre for Education Quality Enhancement (ENQA).

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Founded in 1998, Teaching University Geomedi is a private educational institution dedicated to providing comprehensive educational opportunities, particularly suitable for international students. The university’s primary goal is to nurture skilled medical professionals within a supportive and inclusive learning environment.

Geomedi University offers a vibrant and diverse student experience, featuring numerous student organizations, clubs, and activities for engagement. Additionally, students have opportunities to participate in research projects and internships. The faculty at University Geomedi comprises over 200 educators, including visiting faculty, professors, associate professors, and assistant professors.

To fulfill its educational objectives, the university collaborates with various faculties, scientific research units, academic and scientific personnel, and international institutions. The six-year Medical Doctor (MD) program at the Teaching University Geomedi Faculty of Medicine is accredited by the National Centre for Education Quality Enhancement (ENQA).

Programs at Teaching University Geomedi, Georgia
Teaching University Geomedi’s medical programs include single-cycle MD programs offered in English and Georgian. Currently,

the university houses the following faculties:

– Faculty of Medicine
– Faculty of Dentistry
– Faculty of Healthcare Economics and Management
– Faculty of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Accreditation and International Recognition of Teaching University Geomedi
Regarding recognition and accreditation, the Teaching University Geomedi Faculty of Medicine has partnerships with a select number of institutions and clinics within the city.

Some esteemed international organizations recognize University Geomedi, including:

– Council of Higher Education (YÖK)
– International Association for Medical Education (AMEE)
– Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER)
– Euraxess
– National Medical Council, India
– Erasmus+
– National Center for Education Quality Enhancement (ENQA)

Teaching University Geomedi Ranking 2023
Teaching University Geomedi’s rankings for 2023 are as follows:

– Teaching University Geomedi Country Ranking: 40th
– Teaching University Geomedi World Ranking: 11551st

Life in Tbilisi, Georgia
Tbilisi boasts a moderate climate, resembling Indian weather conditions due to its coastal location.

Key climate features include:

– Summer temperatures ranging from 19 to 26 degrees Celsius
– Winter temperatures ranging from 5 to 10 degrees Celsius
– January as the coldest month, while July and August bring warmer temperatures and the onset of rainfall, lasting until November

Advantages of studying at Teaching University Geomedi
Teaching University Geomedi is a private university situated in Tbilisi. Prospective medical students seeking a high-quality medical university in Georgia should carefully consider the following:

– University Type: Teaching University Geomedi is a 24-year-old private university institution.
– Standard Infrastructure: The quality of academics and infrastructure at the university is average.
– Affordable Living Costs: Georgia offers one of the lowest cost-of-living rankings in the nation.
– Duration: The Medical Program (M.D.) at the School of Medicine spans six academic years (12 semesters).
– Easy Application: Applying to Teaching University Geomedi is a streamlined process.
– Erasmus+ Program: The university participates in the Erasmus program.

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