Styling Tips To Elevate Formal Looks For Men

Gone are the days when formal wear is all about a full-sleeve shirt and a tie. Days have changed and new styles have emerged.

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Gone are the days where formal wear is all about a full-sleeve shirt and a tie. Days have changed and new styles have emerged. People are seeking style in everything they wear. Be it partywear, nightwear, including office wear. There is no compromise. If you are a person who goes to office every day, there is no need to explain to you about the importance of formal wear. It will not only make you look neat and clean but also brings you a kind of seriousness about the work you do and the environment you stay. At the same time, we understand how you want to be stylish and come out of that routine zone. To help you with that, we have come up with a few simple yet effective styling tips that every man should  know. Either you are planning to shop formal wear or any additional accessories, Desertcart is right there for you to help you find everything you need in one place. You can even use Desertcart voucher to unlock unlimited discounts on everything you need.

1. Trying Out New Colours & Styles

Wearing formal doesn’t mean that you have limited options. This is a common myth that are only few colours that looks formal. But no. Almost all colours with proper styling looks formal too. Earlier people also used to believe that only relaxed and lose fit shirts look good for office wear. But men are going for slim-fit formal shirts which will highlight their body. It is not only about cotton nowadays. People are choosing other types of clothing materials like poly-cotton, rayon, lycra, etc. You can also try other shirt colours like pastels or cream.

2. Maintaining Matching Clothes

It is not always about buying formal shirts. It is about how you style them. So, after purchasing shirts in different colours and styles, it is time to think about skirts. You can easily find matching trousers or cargo pants  that matches well with those shirts. Cargo pants are trending so much recently because of their loose fitting. You can wear that and try out with stylish shirts and t-shirts. For example, you can wear blue trousers for dark shaded shirts. Simply get on a few accessories along with a belt to look perfectly ready for office.

3. Overlaying Clothes

As you can see in the name, this style is about wearing multiple types of clothes and matching them. This style works best in winter and obviously a bad choice in the summer. A simple example of this kind of styling is, wear a formal shirt and pants. Later go for a neutral-coloured jacket. You can even wear blazer over it instead of a jacket. This special styling will make you stand out of the crowd , especially in the office meetings and discussions. You can try different styles with t-shirts and shirts. Mix up different colours and see what colour combination suits best to you.

4. Proper Footwear

Your footwear is the first thing people notice in you when they meet you. So it is quite important to focus on what you are wearing. It is always a good idea to take some time out and consider your outfits. Your dresses will decide what kind of shoes you are going to wear. Especially formal attires requires formal shoes that look decent and goes well with such outfits. Go for right colours in Oxford shoes and loafers since they have been the perfect option for formal wear.

5. Suitable Accessories

Dresses and shoes are enough to look formal. But what about style? Only accessories can transform your look to next level. For office or business meetings, you can wear a watch and a pair of glasses. Make sure they are not sunglasses. You can choose the basic models when it comes to watches and if you are an admirer of metal watches.

Concluding words:

Formal wear is important for both casual and business meetings, including everyday office. But you do not have to compromise on that. Instead, you can create a stylish outfit from top to bottom and still look formal. By the way, do not forget to use Desertcart promo code UAE to get huge discounts on everything you shop. So, follow these tips and shine in front of everyone in the office.

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