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Studying Medicine in Uzbekistan

Opting for MBBS in Uzbekistan is appealing for two primary reasons: straightforward admission procedures and high-quality education.
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About Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan, with its capital in Tashkent, was formerly part of the USSR and is now an independent nation in Central Asia. Boasting a rich cultural heritage, Uzbekistan is a popular destination for tourists. The climate in the country is diverse, ranging from extremely hot summers to freezing winters.

Notably, Uzbekistan is home to several public medical universities that provide programs in English. This has attracted a significant number of international students who choose Uzbekistan for their medical studies. Undoubtedly, pursuing MBBS in Uzbekistan presents a more cost-effective alternative compared to studying medicine in Ukraine.


The MBBS program in Uzbekistan spans 5 years, followed by an additional year dedicated to internship. To be eligible for practice in India, students who have pursued MBBS abroad are required to take the NEXT exam, as per the new NMC guidelines, which mandate the completion of a 6-year MBBS program.

Upon successful completion of the MBBS program, individuals can return to India for practice upon clearing the NEXT exam. Additionally, they have the option to qualify for the USMLE/PLAB exams, enabling them to pursue opportunities in other countries.

Reasons to Choose MBBS in Uzbekistan:

• Public universities provide programs in English.

• The option is cost-effective in every aspect. • The Uzbek MBBS degree holds all recognitions and accreditations.

• The program spans 6 years, making you eligible to appear in NEXT. • Many universities have a longstanding history and offer quality education.

• The country boasts a secure environment with no safety concerns.

Postgraduate Medical Education in India or NExT:

While pursuing MBBS, students come to recognize the significance of becoming a specialist. They also become aware of the intense competition involved in securing an MD/MS seat in a government college. Considering the success ratio for obtaining a PG seat in a government medical college, which stands at 11%, it can be broadly understood that only 1 out of 10 individuals will secure a PG seat. Furthermore, the chances of obtaining a seat in a clinical specialty are even slimmer, with a ratio of 1 out of 20 applicants. It becomes evident that the journey towards PG is challenging, and alternatively, students need substantial financial resources to secure a paid seat in a private medical college, which could amount to crores.

Tuition Fees:

The cost of MBBS in Uzbekistan is economical due to the universities charging lower tuition fees. On average, the yearly tuition fee amounts to $4,500.

The low tuition fees for MBBS in Uzbekistan make the overall expenditure comparable to that of MBBS in Ukraine. Consequently, students facing budget constraints are increasingly considering pursuing MBBS in Uzbekistan.

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