Stay Off Social Media After a Crash

After an automotive crash, your first thought may be to share the details on social media.

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After an automotive crash, your first thought may be to share the details on social media. However, it is important to stay off social media while you are in the midst of the incident. At times like these, our emotions can get the better of us and we can say something online that may not have been wise to say or share.

It is important to remember that our words, even online, can have lasting effects and repercussions that are difficult to take back. Practicing restraint on social media during this time will not only protect you from saying something you will regret later but can also protect all parties involved in the situation. So, when it comes to a crash or other similar situations, remember to think twice before updating your status.

Insurance Adjusters Can Use Social Media Posts Against Your Claim

When car owners file a claim for an accident, insurance adjusters may scour your social media accounts for posts or photos that can potentially weaken your case. Even seemingly innocent posts or images may be misinterpreted and used against you, so it’s important to keep personal details about your accident off of the internet.

Any post you make related to the accident should be carefully considered before it’s shared online. Make sure only factual details are disclosed, as anything else can damage your credibility with the insurance adjuster. Being transparent is important, but revealing too much information regarding the specifics of the accident can hurt your case more than help it, so it’s wise to leave social media out of it altogether.

Social Media Can Show Injury History

After a severe crash, your injury history may play a much bigger role in how your claim is handled than you’d expect. Insurance adjusters have been known to access profiles on sites like Facebook and Twitter to determine whether an injured party has suffered from any other injuries in the past. This practice can put claimants at an uneasy disadvantage if medical records run contrary to postings or descriptions on social media.

While it may seem unfair, it’s important that car accident victims document their past medical issues and recent activity so that insurance companies can conduct an accurate assessment of the damages owed. Be sure to think twice about the messages shared online — they could easily be used against you in a court of law because even the most seemingly harmless statements can be misconstrued.

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