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South Kazakhstan Medical Academy

Kazakhstan has a relatively low cost of living compared to other nations, with affordable housing, food, and transportation.
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Established in 1979, the South Kazakhstan Medical Academy (SKMA) has become a leading institution for medical education in Kazakhstan. Situated in the vibrant city of Shymkent, SKMA consistently ranks among the top medical universities in the country.

Accredited by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, SKMA ensures that its programs adhere to the highest quality standards. The university offers a comprehensive range of healthcare education, including undergraduate programs in medicine, pharmacy, and nursing, as well as residency, graduate, and postgraduate programs.

SKMA boasts a distinguished faculty of over 1500 members, including 130 professors and 500 science candidates, who bring extensive knowledge and experience to the classroom, providing students with a world-class education.

Furthermore, SKMA’s extensive library houses tens of thousands of volumes on various medical and healthcare topics, offering students access to the latest research and information.

Key Highlights of South Kazakhstan Medical Academy Shymkent

Due to its reputation for academic excellence, welcoming environment, and scholarship opportunities, South Kazakhstan Medical Academy is a desirable choice for Indian students seeking high-quality and reasonably priced MBBS education.
Established in 1979, SKMA has over four decades of history.
It holds a global university ranking of 6346th.
Ranked as the 18th highest-ranked university in Kazakhstan.
Offers a 6-year MBBS program, catering to students’ comprehensive medical education needs.
Home to over 11,000 medical and doctoral students.
Employs 1,500 staff members in its hospitals and college.
Aims to provide superior medical and pharmaceutical education at all levels.
Features over 500 science students, 130 professors, 200 additional doctors of science, and 15 state prize winners, among others.
Programs at South Kazakhstan Medical Academy (SKMA)

SKMA offers various medical faculties, including:

Faculty of Continuous Professional Development
Faculty of Dental Studies
Faculty of General Medicine
Faculty of Pharmaceutical Studies
Faculty of Preparation of Specialize in Technical Professional Education
MBBS at South Kazakhstan Medical Academy

With its high educational standards at all levels, SKMU is an ideal place to pursue MBBS. The faculty constantly educates themselves about their areas of interest to ensure students receive the best knowledge and skills. Clinical activities are also conducted frequently to train teaching staff.

The MBBS course duration is five years plus a 12-month internship. The language of instruction for international students is English, facilitating comprehension. Students are encouraged to participate in international educational events held at SKMA.

Student Life in Kazakhstan

SKMA, located in Shymkent, offers a variety of transportation options, including buses, trolleybuses, and taxis. The university has student organizations, a library, a gym, and a swimming pool, providing various activities and amenities.

Kazakhstan has a relatively low cost of living compared to other nations, with affordable housing, food, and transportation. SKMA provides on-campus accommodation with essential amenities.

Institutional Accreditation and Recognition

The South Kazakhstan Medical Academy is accredited and recognized by:

The World Health Organization (WHO)
National Medical Commission (NMC)
Ministry of Education and Science (Kazakhstan)

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