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Software Development A secret to tackle skill scarcity

Skill scarcity is the most talked subject in the IT landscape but hire software development company can help you mitigate the risk.


Since the past few years, there’s been a shortage of software developers, making it challenging to start or continue projects even though there’s a growing demand. Companies looking to succeed in this tech industry environment should understand the reasons behind this shortage and find ways to overcome it.

The indications in shortage of developer shortage

A shortage of software developer can highly impact a Software Development Company

  • Firstly, a shortage in software developers will lead to the escalation in the prices of software development charged by software development companies as all the companies will compete against each other to hire the best resource to meet their needs. This shortage of skilled software developers impacts the quality of the products and the services.
  • Delays in software development can harm big economies. In the US, companies struggle to find skilled people, while other countries become better at leading in tech and innovation. The US might lose more than $162 billion in yearly earnings if it doesn’t fill more tech jobs.
  • Also, there’s a risk that skilled tech workers might leave for easier jobs. In 2022, a report said 40% of US employees were likely to switch jobs. Looking back, this could be bad for companies losing skilled workers. So, businesses should keep an eye on how happy their employees are and have good plans to keep them and their knowledge.

Know this 5 factors to tackle the problem of Shortage of Skilled Software Developers

The below are the factors that contribute in the shortage of skilled software developers

The industry is growing at an highly unexpected rate:-

The skills gap happens because of the rise of digital transformation or modernization. This growth is making it hard for companies to find skilled developers. When there are job openings that can’t be filled, the current team can get stressed, causing burnout and people leaving.

The complex software developments are increasing:-

The more the merrier is not always good. As the technology is growing at a rapid scale it is becoming difficult for the IT professionals to meet all the complex problems there are circling the software development process. This advancement is proving to be difficult for the team to find the right talent for their organizations.

Mismatch between education and the IT industry is not able to solve the problem:-

The theoretical knowledge given during the education premises is not enough for the professionals due to the lack of modern knowledge and an absence of proper practical exposures. The developers need the right amount of professional development in order to gain the much needed practical exposure to fulfill the skill gaps.

The never ending competition:-

In IT, competition has always been the talk of the town. Talented developers are still in high demand. Now, with more chances to work from home, there are more potential employers for each job. The Internet and social media also give job seekers more ways to connect with possible employers, managers, and recruiters. This increases the scarcity in supplying the right talent.

The economic downturn:-

As the giants like Meta, Amazon, etc., are laying off, it makes a lot of availability for talented pools out there. This is the time when startups and small businesses can go and hunt talented professionals to integrate them into the team. To address the shortage of skilled software developers, exploring options like hiring individuals affected by these layoffs or considering Software Development Outsourcing Services can provide valuable solutions for augmenting your development team.

What makes Acquaint Softtech the best Software Development Partner

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