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Self-loading Mixer: A Tool in Concrete Production

This article describes the features and advantages of self-loading mixer.

The Self-Loading Mixer is an innovative construction device that combines the functions of a mixer and a loader. It can automatically complete the mixing, transportation and unloading of concrete raw materials, providing an efficient and convenient concrete solution for the construction site. This paper will introduce the working principle, advantages and application of self-loading mixer in construction industry.

Working Principle

The self-loading mixer adopts advanced hydraulic system and automatic control technology, and has the ability of self-loading, mixing and unloading.
It is equipped with a large capacity mixing tank to accommodate concrete raw materials such as cement, sand, aggregate, etc.
Raw materials can be automatically loaded into the mixing tank via a conveyor belt under the mixing tank.
The mixing bucket then begins to rotate, ensuring that the raw materials are evenly mixed into concrete.
Once the concrete has reached the required quality, the self-loading mixer can transport it to the required location for unloading.

AS-2.6 self loading mobile truck mixers


The self-loading mixer has many advantages over the traditional concrete production method
First of all, it can prepare concrete on site, avoiding the problem of concrete quality degradation during transportation.
Secondly, the self-loading mixer can adjust the concrete ratio according to the need to ensure the accuracy and flexibility of construction.
In addition, it also has the characteristics of automatic operation, high efficiency and energy saving, which greatly improves the construction speed and production efficiency.

Self-Loading Concrete Mixer And Concrete Trailer Pump


Self-loading mixer is widely used in various fields of construction industry. It can be used for concrete production and transportation in road construction, house construction, bridge engineering and other projects.
Due to its autonomous function and convenience, the self-loading mixer is particularly suitable in narrow Spaces or places far from the concrete mixing station.
It not only reduces manpower requirements, but also reduces transportation time and costs, improving the safety and sustainability of the project.


As an innovative construction equipment, the self-loading mixer has brought revolutionary changes to the production and transportation of concrete. With the continuous advancement of technology, self-loading mixers will play an increasingly important role in the construction industry, bringing more innovation and convenience to future construction projects.

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