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Samara Medical Institute Reaviz

The Samara Medical Institute Reaviz, also known as the Medical Institute Reaviz, stands as a prominent private higher education medical institution.
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The Samara Medical Institute Reaviz, also known as the Medical Institute Reaviz, stands as a prominent private higher education medical institution. Among the pioneers in the nation to obtain a license for educational operations, it was established in Samara city, Russian Federation, in 1993. Notably, it has expanded its reach with divisions in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, and Saratov.

As a comprehensive multi-level system, the Samara Medical Institute Reaviz caters to the continuous training of specialists, offering higher medical, pharmaceutical, and humanitarian education from secondary schooling to graduate levels. Currently, it stands as a prime destination for quality higher medical education, boasting a faculty of 162 teachers across 14 departments.

Faculties and Programs at Samara Medical Institute

The institution encompasses various faculties, including:
– General Medicine
– Dental/Stomatology
– Pharmacy
– Social Medicine
– Post Graduation
– Therapeutic Department

Accreditation and International Recognition

The Samara Medical Institute holds accreditation from esteemed bodies such as:
– World Health Organization (WHO)
– Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation

Samara Medical Institute Ranking in 2023

In the realm of rankings, the Samara Medical Institute holds the following positions:
– Country Ranking: 197
– World Ranking: 5990

Life in Samara, Russia

Samara, as the capital of Samara Oblast, stands as the ninth-largest city in Russia, emerging as a significant economic, industrial, and cultural center in the European Region. It experiences a continental climate, characterized by hot summers and chilly winters. Positioned approximately 235 kilometers (146 miles) from Orel, 300 kilometers (190 miles) from Kazakhstan, and 410 kilometers (250 miles) from Kazan.

Advantages of Studying at Samara Medical Institute

Prospective Indian medical students contemplating enrollment at the Samara Medical Institute should consider the following:
Institution Age: Founded in 1993, the institute boasts a thirty-year legacy.
Campus Presence: With multiple campuses across Russia, it offers diverse educational settings.
– ECTS System: Compliance with the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) provides flexibility among European universities.
Affordable Tuition: The total MBBS tuition costs range approximately from 22 to 24 lakh Indian rupees.
Education Quality: The institute prioritizes the preservation and advancement of Russian educational traditions.
Scholarships: Foreign applicants, including Indians, may benefit from “state-funded spots” provided by the Russian government, with 18,000 such slots awarded in 2021.

Admission Requirements for the Medical Institute Samara

To secure admission to the MBBS program at the Medical Institute Samara for Indian students in 2023, applicants must fulfill the following criteria:

– Attain a minimum of 50% in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology (PCB) in Class XII.
– Successfully qualify in the NEET examination, with category specifications considered.
– Be above the age of 17.

Postgraduate Options after MBBS at Samara Medical Institute Reaviz

Upon completion of the MBBS program at the Samara Medical Institute Reaviz, students have the option to pursue postgraduate studies either in India or through the NExT exam.

During their MBBS journey, students come to appreciate the significance of specializing in a particular field. They also become aware of the fierce competition for MD/MS seats in government colleges. Considering the success ratio of securing a PG seat in government medical colleges, which stands at 11%, it can be broadly inferred that only 1 out of 10 applicants will successfully obtain a PG seat. Moreover, the chances of securing a seat in a clinical specialty are even slimmer, with only 1 out of 20 applicants succeeding. Consequently, the journey toward obtaining a PG degree is undoubtedly challenging, unless students possess the financial means to secure a paid seat in a private medical college, which often entails significant financial investment, sometimes amounting to crores of rupees.


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