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RISEBA University

RISEBA University hosts over 2600 students across various programs, with 250 of them being international students.
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RISEBA University of Applied Sciences, established in 1992, is a private institution of higher education boasting three decades of experience. It is dedicated to providing comprehensive education and grooming top-tier professionals and executives in business and cutting-edge industries, equipped to thrive in a global setting. The university’s primary campus is located in Riga, offering vocational training at the Vocational Secondary School Victoria.

Currently, RISEBA University hosts over 2600 students across various programs, with 250 of them being international students. The institution boasts a wealth of national and international faculty members, renowned for their expertise in teaching. Notably, RISEBA has been bestowed the title of RISEBA Applied Sciences Honorary Professor in recognition of its outstanding contributions to education, research, and science.

RISEBA holds accreditation from the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Latvia, alongside the International Quality Accreditation (CEEMAN) from the International Association for Management Development in Dynamic Societies. Its faculties include Architecture and Design, Media and Creative Technologies, and Business and Economics.

Regarding climate, Latvia experiences mild summers due to its coastal regions, spanning from June to August with temperatures ranging from approximately 18°C to 21°C. Summers entail light rainfall, primarily in localized areas, with occasional afternoon thunderstorms.

Program Offerings at RISEBA encompass a variety of Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs, including Architecture, Audiovisual Media Art, Public Relations and Advertising Management, Business Psychology, European Business Studies, Business Management, and more. Additionally, doctoral programs are available in Business Management, Media Art, and Creative Technologies, with certain programs accessible through distance learning.

RISEBA delivers competitive education across its Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral programs, with options available for study in the English language. The university actively engages in scientific research programs and collaborations with both local and international partners, continually expanding its network of cooperation each year. Graduates have ample opportunities to pursue further studies, with a plethora of Master’s programs offered by RISEBA.

Living Expenses in Riga

When contemplating pursuing higher education at RISEBA University, understanding the cost of living in Riga is essential. Riga’s living expenses are generally regarded as more affordable compared to other Latvian cities. The estimated cost of living in Riga ranges from approximately 500 to 600 EUR per month, encompassing your everyday expenditures. Naturally, your accommodation, dietary preferences, and lifestyle choices will influence your overall expenses.

Furthermore, typical expenses in Riga include approximately 200 to 250 EUR for accommodation and 150 to 200 EUR for daily food and beverages.


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