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Revealing the Jewel in the Desert: Dreamscapes in Dubai

Enter a world where luxury and innovation coexist harmoniously and where the past and present collide. Join us on our Dubai Dreamscapes trip package

Overview of the Itinerary


Day 1: A stylish arrival


Upon your arrival in Dubai, enjoy a private transfer to your five-star accommodation, the height of luxury. Start your journey with a relaxing evening at the Dubai Fountain, where the famous Burj Khalifa creates a stunning backdrop while water dances to the beat of Arabian tunes.


Day 2: Magic Sunset & Safari in the Desert


Take an exciting 4×4 safari across the beautiful dunes of the desert. Savor a traditional Bedouin feast while the sun sets over the vast desert, illuminating the serene surroundings in a cozy glow.


Day 3: Wonders of the Sky


Experience the world’s highest building, the Burj Khalifa, and soar to new heights. Admire the expansive views of the city from the observation deck. Later, indulge in opulent shopping at The Dubai Mall, home to both local and international gems.


Day 4: A Journey Through Culture


Experience the rich history of Dubai at the Dubai Museum, located in the storied Al Fahidi Fort. Enjoy a typical Emirati meal after taking a stroll around the lively Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood and discovering its secret art galleries and tiny pathways.


Day 5: The Palm Jumeirah – Island Paradise


Start your day of leisure and relaxation in the artificial archipelago called the Palm Jumeirah, which is fashioned like a palm tree. Savor a day at the beach at an opulent resort with optional water activities and stunning views of the skyline of Dubai.


Gourmet Treats


Day 6: Tasting Adventure


Take a guided culinary tour to experience Dubai’s unique culinary scene. Discover the culinary delights of the city, from Michelin-starred restaurants to traditional street food along Al Diyafah Street.


Exclusive Inclusions


– On a Private Yacht

Sail a private yacht along the Dubai shoreline and take in the breath-taking vistas of the city’s skyline and famous sites.


Spa Treat


Spend a day of relaxation and renewal at one of Dubai’s well-known wellness facilities, which provide a fusion of traditional and modern treatments.


Dubai Opera in the evening


Take in a captivating show at the Dubai Opera, a cultural icon situated against the Burj Khalifa, to immerse yourself in the arts in the center of Dubai.


Your Desire Is Here


Dubai Dreamscapes is an immersive trip into a world of wealth, culture, and architectural wonders rather than just a tour. Come along on this incredible journey with us as we reveal Dubai’s mysteries and leave you with lifelong memories. Reserve your trip to luxury right now!


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