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Real Water Lawsuit: Linking to Liver Damage

The Real Water lawsuit underscores the importance of ensuring the safety of bottled water and highlights the need for consumers

The Real Water crisis has exposed a significant issue in the bottled water industry, drawing attention to the vital importance of ensuring the safety and transparency of our drinking water. Owned by, Inc., and led by Brent Jones, Real Water marketed itself as a healthy drinking option, infused with negative ions and alkaline properties.

However, this claim to health has been starkly contradicted by numerous lawsuits and health investigations linking the product to severe health issues, including liver damage, hospital admissions, and even a fatality.

Investigations by health authorities, such as the Southern Nevada Health District (SNHD) and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), revealed a connection between Real Water’s alkaline water and cases of non-viral hepatitis, leading to acute liver damage among consumers.

Initially alerted to five cases of acute non-viral hepatitis among children in November 2020, subsequent investigations expanded as more cases emerged, with a common link being the consumption of Real Water. This led to the recall of Real Water products in March 2021, encompassing a range of products distributed across the United States and sold on platforms like

The first lawsuit against Real Water was filed by a family from Las Vegas, Nevada, whose members fell ill after consuming the product. Subsequent lawsuits, including a joint complaint filed by five individuals in March 2021 and a wrongful death lawsuit in May 2021, highlighted the serious health risks associated with Real Water consumption.

Real Water’s legal challenges have only escalated since the initial lawsuits. In February 2024, a Nevada jury awarded nearly $130 million in damages to plaintiffs affected by Real Water’s product prior to the 2021 recall. The jury recognized the severity of the health issues and the negligence of the company.

The Real Water lawsuit also revealed the presence of hydrazine in the water, a potentially harmful substance used in rocket fuel, raising further health concerns. Plaintiffs argued that the company’s defective testing meters failed to detect hazardous substances, contributing to the contamination.

If individuals have experienced health issues after consuming Real Water, they may be eligible to file a lawsuit. However, establishing a direct link between the product and the adverse effects requires medical records and expert testimony.

In conclusion, the Real Water crisis has shed light on the broader issues of transparency, safety, and accountability in the bottled water industry. It underscores the importance of regulatory vigilance and consumer awareness in safeguarding public health. As the legal battles against Real Water continue, they serve as a cautionary tale for both consumers and companies about the critical importance of ensuring the safety and integrity of drinking water.

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