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How to choose the best electrician in Manchester

Finding the perfect electrician in Manchester involves considering various factors to ensure you choose a skilled and reliable professional.
How to find the right Manchester Electrician

Finding the perfect electrician in Manchester involves considering various factors to ensure you choose a skilled and reliable professional who meets your needs. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you find the ideal electrician:

Finding a Local Electrician

All electricians must be suitably qualified, especially for domestic installations governed by Part P building regulations. Part P certification, overseen by local authority building control, is crucial. To ensure compliance and a hassle-free process, opt for a Part P registered ‘competent-person’ for your electrical work—this ensures all necessary notifications and paperwork are handled.

Part P-registered firms are vetted for high standards and equipped with specialised tools and the required knowledge for electrical safety checks. Hiring an uncertified electrician might incur additional fees for your Local Authority building control to inspect the work.

Government-approved schemes

It’s prudent to verify if the electricians on your shortlist are registered with government-approved schemes like NICEIC, ELECSA, NAPIT, or similar bodies. Directly contacting the scheme ensures the electrician’s registration and provides support in case of issues.

Ask Friends or Family

Inquire among friends, family, neighbours, or colleagues for recommendations. Personal referrals often lead to finding reliable electricians who have provided satisfactory services.

Check Online Reviews

Explore online platforms, such as Google, Yelp, or specific trade directories, to read reviews and feedback from previous customers about electricians in Manchester. Look for positive testimonials and high ratings to gauge their service quality.

Ask for Qualifications

The Electrical Safety Council warns about unqualified individuals undertaking electrical work, particularly when subcontracted by tradespeople. To safeguard against this, personally ask for proof of an electrician’s background, qualifications, and registrations. Any hesitation to provide this should raise concerns.

Obtain Multiple Quotes

For any electrical job, regardless of size, it’s advisable to seek at least three quotes. The complexity of the task determines if a survey is necessary before providing a quote or if it can be given over the phone.

Be cautious of accepting a mere ‘estimate’ over the phone as it might lead to increased charges upon commitment.

Questions to ask potential electricians include the following:

Trading History: How long have they traded for will give you an indication of their experience,

Customer References:  Being able to verify their work and their experience can quickly be done by their previous clients. Ask Friends and family about who is the best electrician in Manchester. You will be surprised by the answers you get.

Warranty for installations: Once the job has been completed, you will need to know what warranties are offered by the company on labour and parts. 

Customer Service and Aftercare: Inquire about their aftercare services or customer support. A good electrician will provide ongoing support and assistance even after completing the job.

Local Knowledge and Accessibility: Opt for an electrician located in Manchester or with extensive area knowledge. Choosing a local electrician based in Manchester ensures better accessibility and familiarity with local regulations or codes. 

Insurance Coverage: If something was to go drastically wrong, you want to make sure the contractor has insurance to cover any damages.

Expected Job Duration: Will they commit to a finalisation date? Would they be open to a penalty clause in the contract?

Arrange Surveys

In most cases, an electrician must inspect your property for an accurate quote, except for routine jobs like periodic inspections.

Inviting electricians for an inspection provides insight into their trustworthiness. Their punctuality, documentation of qualifications, association memberships, and insurance are factors to consider.

Ensure each electrician provides detailed written quotes. While comparing costs is essential, consider the electrician’s expertise, recommendations, and professionalism in making your decision.

For extensive work, like a full rewiring, expect to make an initial payment. Have a written contract detailing payment schedules for the entire project.

Inspect their Work

Good electricians will explain the tasks, repairs, or installations before starting any electrical work. After completion, ensure everything operates correctly. Request guidance on new installations and documentation detailing the work carried out.

By considering these factors and conducting thorough research, you’ll be better equipped to find the perfect electrician in Manchester who aligns with your requirements, offers quality service, and ensures the safety and efficiency of your electrical projects.


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