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Avalon Tech: Pioneering PCB Assembly Innovation

Avalon Technologies redefines EMS with superior PCB Assembly Services, ensuring quality and efficiency for global industries
Avalon Technologies PCB Assembly Services

Avalon Technologies – Leading the Way in PCB Assembly Services

Tambaram, Tamil Nadu, India – [26-03-24 ]

Avalon Technologies emerges as a trailblazer in the Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) sector, heralding the launch of its advanced PCB Assembly Services. Celebrating over twenty years of excellence, Avalon has become synonymous with industry leadership, offering holistic solutions that adhere to the stringent quality demands of diverse industries such as Rail, Air, and Clean Energy.

Innovative Solutions for Complex Challenges
Avalon Technologies is a distinguished player in the electronics manufacturing industry, known for its innovative solutions to complex challenges. Their success is rooted in their modern facilities, equipped with cutting-edge technology. This allows them to efficiently perform surface mounting for quick prototyping and scalable production.

Avalon’s dedication to innovation is reflected in their streamlined processes, which ensure significant savings in time and cost for their clients. They offer a comprehensive range of products and solutions, from printed circuit board design and assembly to the production of complete electronic systems. Avalon also takes into account DFM reports and ensures the development of in-process and functional tests in compliance with the regulations of the destination country of your products.

Furthermore, Avalon’s capabilities in system integration, scalability, and cost modeling contribute to reduced timelines through their vertically integrated manufacturing solutions. Avalon is experienced in product engineering and complete turnkey solutions, even for Build-to-Print requirements.

Avalon Technologies offers end-to-end solutions in manufacturing, from design and analysis to mass production Avalon Technologies provides their customers with comprehensive manufacturing facilities, a team of skilled professionals, certified quality control systems, and a network of partner suppliers, all working together to ensure the prompt delivery of high-quality products and services.

This positions Avalon as a preferred partner for businesses seeking efficient and reliable electronics manufacturing services.

Quality Assurance and Expertise
Avalon’s PCB Assembly processes are intricately designed to meet the demanding quality standards of the aerospace industry and other high-reliability sectors. The company’s deep-seated expertise in PCB assembly technology distinguishes it, providing premium services that have earned the trust of its customers.

Global Reach with Local Precision
As a global EMS powerhouse with a formidable manufacturing base in India, Avalon offers an extensive suite of integrated manufacturing services. This dedication to manufacturing excellence serves a varied clientele, from established industry giants to pioneering startups, all in pursuit of efficient, dependable, and superior electronics manufacturing services.

Advancements and Technological Prowess
Avalon’s origins trace back to Fremont, California, where in 1995, its visionary founders began assembling circuit boards. This humble beginning has evolved into a global manufacturing behemoth, with a workforce surpassing 1900 employees as of March 31, 2023. The company’s expansive manufacturing footprint stands as a testament to its relentless drive for technological innovation and strategic growth.

Sustainable Practices and Social Responsibility
Avalon’s commitment transcends manufacturing excellence; it embodies a profound dedication to making a positive contribution to society, its workforce, customers, and all aspects of its business operations. The company’s social responsibility efforts are comprehensive, including diligent adherence to regulatory protocols and procedural compliance, ensuring a beneficial impact on communities and the environment.

Customer-Centric Approach and Success Stories
Avalon’s client-focused approach has culminated in numerous success stories, marked by collaborations with both industry stalwarts and disruptive newcomers. These success stories highlight Avalon’s capacity to address complex challenges and broaden its service offerings, solidifying its reputation as a dependable partner in the EMS domain.

Outlook and Growth Trajectory

A crucial aspect of Avalon’s strategy is the diversification of its customer base across India and the US. This allows Avalon to engage with high-value businesses in the US and carry out their projects in India, where the costs are more competitive. This not only broadens Avalon’s international presence but also enables it to capitalize on the cost benefits of operating in India.

Furthermore, Avalon is projected to see a substantial increase in earnings and revenue, with annual growth rates of 43.7% and 21.7% respectively. The company’s earnings per share (EPS) is also expected to rise by 44.4% annually. These projections underscore Avalon’s robust financial performance and its promising prospects for future growth.

Avalon Technologies stands as a paragon of innovation, quality, and excellence within the EMS industry. With its avant-garde PCB Assembly Services, Avalon is not just at the forefront of the industry but is actively sculpting the future of electronics manufacturing. For those eager to discover more about Avalon Technologies and its offerings, a visit to the company’s website or engaging with the support team opens the door to a realm of unmatched manufacturing solutions.

For more information about Avalon Technologies and our PCB Assembly Services, please visit our website or contact our support team.

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