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Posture Corrector Market to Reach US$ 2.15 Bn by 2024

The Global Posture Corrector Market is estimated to be valued at US$ 2.15 Bn in 2024

Posture is an extremely unique and dynamic component of human physiology. It is more about how your body adapts and interacts with diverse conditions than a predetermined ‘proper’ or ‘incorrect’ state. Posture is simply the way we hold our bodies when standing, sitting, or lying down.

A increasing corpus of studies indicates that the perception of ‘poor posture’ is subjective, and there is no proven correlation between specific postural practices and pain. In truth, posture varies widely amongst people, and what one person considers to be ‘excellent posture’ may not work or feel comfortable to another.

The global posture corrector market provides a description of posture correctors, their advantages like improving posture causing back pain relief and importance in daily life. The market consists of devices like posture shirts, braces and straps helping to maintain the correct spinal alignment. Posture correctors are gaining popularity owing to rising cases of back issues due poor sitting habits.

The Global Posture Corrector Market is estimated to be valued at US$ 2.15 Bn in 2024 and is expected to exhibit a CAGR of 8.2% over the forecast period 2024 to 2031.

Key Takeaways
Key players operating in the Posture Corrector Market Growth are Acorn International, Upright, Aspen Medical Products, LLC, Vissco Next, BackJoy, Swedish Posture, Ottobock. Key players are focusing on developing innovative products integrated with advanced technologies for improved results. Growing awareness about health benefits of maintaining correct posture is fueling the demand for posture correctors. Various technological advancements like use of biofeedback sensors, thermal therapy, etc. in posture correctors are helping people achieve long-lasting results.

The posture corrector market is witnessing high demand owing to rising prevalence of back pain and other postural issues among young population due to erratic lifestyle and long working hours in front of laptops and smartphones. Various clinical studies have proved that posture correctors are effective in relieving back pain and also aid in weight management by improving body alignment.

Technological advancements like integration of biofeedback sensors in posture trainers help in tracking posture throughout the day via mobile applications and alerting when slouching. emergence of posture correcting wearables and smart garments integrated with sensors is further supporting market growth.

Market Trends
The key trends in the posture corrector market include emergence of digital posture trainers integrated with biofeedback sensors and mobile apps for real-time posture monitoring. Growing popularity of low-cost posture corrector options like stick-on patches and tapes owing to increasing health consciousness. Rising adoption of multi-functional posture correctors catering ergonomic office needs as well as medical requirements.

Market Opportunities
Growing geriatric population prone to posture issues creates growth opportunities. Strategic marketing campaigns highlighting health benefits and cost savings from reduced medical expenses in long-run will aid market expansion. Emergence of affordable posture corrector subscriptions targeting cost-sensitive markets will support market growth over the forecast period.

Impact of COVID-19 on Posture Corrector Market

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted the growth of the posture corrector market. During the initial phase of nationwide lockdowns imposed across countries, the sales of posture correctors declined significantly as people were confined indoors and lifestyle patterns changed. However, post lockdowns were lifted, awareness about the importance of good posture increased as more individuals complained of back pain due to improper posture during the work from home routines. This fueled demand for posture correctors as people sought ways to improve their sitting postures while working remotely for long hours each day on laptops and mobile devices.

Manufacturers responded to the changing demand by strategizing their production and marketing plans. They focused on developing affordable and convenient posture correctors that could be worn throughout the day while working or studying from home. Emphasis was given to lightweight and adjustable designs made of breathable fabrics. Online sales channels played a pivotal role in driving sales as people preferred online shopping over visiting retail stores. Various offers and discounts were announced to boost sales volumes. It is expected that even post-pandemic, the work from home culture will continue to some extent, keeping demand for everyday wear posture correctors high. Overall, while the pandemic impacted short term sales initially, it accentuated the need for good posture and drove long term growth opportunities for the posture corrector market over the forecast period.


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