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Perm State Medical University

Renowned for its virtual 3D aquarium, leisure centers, entertainment parks, and intricately carved fences.
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Perm City, situated in the eastern part of Europe, ranks as the third-largest city in Russia, boasting a rich cultural and educational landscape. With 24 universities, 25 museums, and 48 libraries, it stands as a hub of learning and heritage. Located 1400 km from Moscow, Perm City is renowned for its ancient history, limestone caves, and untamed rivers. Additionally, it embraces religious diversity, with over 30 orthodox churches, chapels, and centers for other faiths.

Recognized as the vibrant heart of Russia’s academic pursuits, Perm City offers modern attractions like a virtual 3D aquarium, recreational centers, and amusement parks, alongside traditional marvels like intricately carved fences. However, its winters, marked by temperatures plunging to as low as -44.90°C, present a formidable challenge even to its resilient residents.

Perm State Medical University (PSMU), founded on October 14, 1916, epitomizes the city’s commitment to education and healthcare. Celebrating a century of excellence in 2016, PSMU hosts over 18,000 undergraduates, including 160 international students from 21 countries. With a dedicated faculty of 569 members, including 1800 professors, the university offers courses in both Russian and English languages.

PSMU’s medical facilities, including two polyclinics and nine affiliated hospitals, ensure practical training for its students. However, concerns persist, notably regarding the low MCI Ratio, posing challenges for Indian students seeking licensing in their home country.

Departments within PSMU, such as Medicine, Pediatrics, Dentistry, and Psychology, foster a dynamic learning environment. The university’s emphasis on research is evident through scientific seminars, projects, and conferences, fostering collaborations with renowned institutions.

PSMU’s global recognition, reflected in its rankings – 7093 in the world, 39th nationally, and 1792nd globally (QS World University Rankings 2023) – underscores its stature as a premier medical institution. Students are drawn to PSMU for its internationally recognized degrees, affordability, and exemption from entrance exams.

Furthermore, the university’s comprehensive amenities, including accommodation, sports facilities, and access to Indian cuisine, ensure a comfortable experience for international students. With partnerships with 18 universities worldwide, PSMU offers students ample opportunities for global engagement through international conferences and exchanges.

Campus Life at Perm State Medical University
Recognized for its outstanding campus facilities, Perm Medical University in Russia proudly holds the prestigious “Moscow Mayor’s Prize”. Spanning an impressive 50 hectares, the campus boasts 27 buildings, sports arenas, medical facilities, and 12 cozy hostels equipped with well-appointed rooms and kitchens.

Within the campus, Perm State Medical University offers a plethora of student activity centers, including gyms, handball, basketball, tennis, and football grounds.

Compared to other medical universities, Perm State Medical University offers comfortable and reasonably priced accommodation. The university’s infrastructure is globally renowned for its high quality, with strict hygiene standards maintained in the hostel kitchens.

In summary, life for students at Perm Medical University is both affordable and comfortable.

Sports Opportunities at Perm State Medical University
Perm University in Russia provides a diverse range of sporting activities to encourage student participation. A dedicated sports hall is available for students who prefer indoor activities.

Students can engage in basketball, volleyball, and badminton in the university’s sports arena, as well as receive instruction in martial arts from expert coaches. Additionally, opportunities for aerobics and athletics are also available.

PSMU Russia hosts annual sports competitions to further promote physical activity and teamwork among students.

Cultural Life at the University
The university boasts a cultural hub known as ‘ACADEMIA’, offering a rich tapestry of cultural events and performances for student enjoyment.

‘ACADEMIA’ consistently presents an array of offerings catering to diverse student interests.

It’s important to note that the language of instruction at Perm State University Russia is Russian. Therefore, foreign students are required to obtain a ROLF (or equivalent) certificate or complete a one-year language training course at the University’s Language Centre before commencing their main course.

Upon successfully completing all requirements, congratulations, you are admitted to PSU!

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